separating strip

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sep·a·rat·ing strip

(sepăr-āt-ing strip)
A piece of plastic or metal used to prevent restorative resin from bonding to the tooth adjacent to the one being restored.
Synonym(s): plastic strip.
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The end of plastic strip containing activated glass beads was dipped in to oxalate oxidase solution (3 ml) and allowed to stand at 4[degrees]C for 48 h with occasional shaking.
Plastic strip curtains are simply that-- plastic strips hung across the doorway that one must brush through to get past.
NBA research found that some stores don't even bother to keep beef from different countries separated by the width of a plastic strip and sell it from the same 'pick and mix' section of the chill cabinet.
Turner duly delves into the lid and finds the plastic strip which passes for a spoon, before turning back to his interview with me with a smile: ``.
Emma, aged six, raised the alarm when Kieran tied a plastic strip around his neck and began to choke in the family car.
The plastic strip (PVC or PET) was placed in the rectangular glass chamber on two stable supports.
These are embedded into a plastic strip which is placed behind the target zone.
A drop of blood and a plastic strip the size of a matchstick can give a diabetes patient a world of life-or-death medical information.
Limited Tenders are invited for Invitation Of Quotation For Supply Of Plastic Strip Curtains For Bird Proofing.
On the floor there's a large red plastic strip with the words "Do not cross line" stamped on it.
This was then attached by a small plastic strip that allowed the hand to move and make it more eye-catching.
Vinyl and plastic strip doors are quick ship from A Plus Warehouse, and are available at the most competitive pricing.