separating strip

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sep·a·rat·ing strip

(sepăr-āt-ing strip)
A piece of plastic or metal used to prevent restorative resin from bonding to the tooth adjacent to the one being restored.
Synonym(s): plastic strip.
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Repeat steps 3 to 5, replacing the fork with the wooden spoon, eraser, and the other plastic strip you cut earlier.
The end of plastic strip containing activated glass beads was dipped in to oxalate oxidase solution (3 ml) and allowed to stand at 4[degrees]C for 48 h with occasional shaking.
The toughening mechanism investigations show that a large fan shape crazed zone and small intense plastic strips are developed.
A 30 x 10 mm picrate paper, attached to a 50 x 10 mm plastic strip with hobby glue, was added to the vial, which was then closed.
The test, a computerised plastic strip, will analyse blood-clotting markers that indicate a high risk of DVT, and it can be carried by anyone at risk of clotting disorders, including stroke patients, pregnant women and the obese.
The instructions say to tear off a small plastic strip and then pull apart the two sides of the package to open it.
NBA research found that some stores don't even bother to keep beef from different countries separated by the width of a plastic strip and sell it from the same 'pick and mix' section of the chill cabinet.
According to the NBA some stores are not even bothering to keep beef from different countries separated by the width of a plastic strip and are selling it bran-tub style from the same pick and mix section of the chill cabinet.
Lining the inner wall is a plastic strip supporting a thin layer or agar medium onto which airborne particles are impacted.
Emma, aged six, raised the alarm when Kieran tied a plastic strip around his neck and began to choke in the family car.
The plastic strip (PVC or PET) was placed in the rectangular glass chamber on two stable supports.
the display carts are wheeled off the floor, through plastic strip curtains, directly into a refrigerated storage space.