plastic instruments

plas·tic in·stru·ments

(plastik instrŭ-mĕnts)
Those devices made of plastic used to assess and débride implant teeth.
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Tenders are invited for Purchase of Surgical thread and abdominal wall hernias plastic instruments.
Tibial trials are the plastic instruments used during knee replacement surgery that mimic the final implant and help surgeons determine the proper size and thickness needed for a correct fit.
Items such as toy cars, action figures, dolls, books, games, rattles and building blocks as well as plastic instruments, toy tills, dolls houses and shape sorters are all welcome and will make ideal gifts for the children to open on Christmas Day.
Instead of the fans using the instruments to make noises in support of their teams, dozens of the plastic instruments were thrown into the pitch and disrupted play.
Kids got to "Be the Vet'' at the neuter/spay clinic, putting on surgical caps and masks, and "operating'' on stuffed animals with plastic instruments, learning how to tie off a surgical stitch.
OUR cover star Gene Simmons, the usual spectacular gameplay and plastic instruments .
Broadcasters, players and TV viewers have complained about the deafening drone of the plastic instruments.
A few dozen fans had the plastic instruments and they didn't stop blowing them throughout the 90 minutes.
The group already has some plastic instruments but there are not enough to go around.
With Rock Band moving in there has been more plastic instruments added such as percussion and bass.
These sturdy rotationally molded plastic instruments are designed to be visually appealing and to produce a quality sound.
Now a collection of 30 of the plastic instruments have been taken to Kampala, in Uganda.