plastic instruments

plas·tic in·stru·ments

(plastik instrŭ-mĕnts)
Those devices made of plastic used to assess and débride implant teeth.
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To make sure the plastic instruments sound the same as brass ones, engineers had to adjust their designs.
Behind a glass wall at The Construct sits an array of odd plastic instruments, from an electric violin to a Les Paul-style electric guitar with a strange, honeycomb-like body.
Now the firm has established a partnership with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, donating 100 of its plastic instruments for young people to play at schools across the West Midlands.
The firm donated 100 of its plastic instruments to schools across the West Midlands and professional musicians from the CBSO play the brightly-coloured instruments at many of their family shows.
Tibial trials are the plastic instruments used during knee replacement surgery that mimic the final implant and help surgeons determine the proper size and thickness needed for a correct fit.
Items such as toy cars, action figures, dolls, books, games, rattles and building blocks as well as plastic instruments, toy tills, dolls houses and shape sorters are all welcome and will make ideal gifts for the children to open on Christmas Day.
Instead of the fans using the instruments to make noises in support of their teams, dozens of the plastic instruments were thrown into the pitch and disrupted play.
Plastic instruments produce insignificant alteration of the implant surface and are, thus, recommended for scaling implants, even though residues from the instruments are left behind [13, 34].
Kids got to "Be the Vet'' at the neuter/spay clinic, putting on surgical caps and masks, and "operating'' on stuffed animals with plastic instruments, learning how to tie off a surgical stitch.
OUR cover star Gene Simmons, the usual spectacular gameplay and plastic instruments ...