plastic deformation

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1. deformity, especially an alteration in shape or structure.
2. the process of adapting in shape or form.
elastic deformation temporary elongation of tissue when a prolonged force has been applied. See also creep.
plastic deformation permanent elongation of tissue when a prolonged nondisruptive mechanical force has been applied. See also creep.

plastic deformation,

n any irreversible deformation of tissues.
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The current study focuses on the effects of plastic flow anil physical aging of PC" on the dissipated energy during fracture as measured in Charpy tests.
Graphite flakes may cause localized plastic flow at low stresses and initiate fractures at higher stresses.
The speed and force of the slam-shut mechanism makes the plastic flow further.
When N [right arrow] 0, the equation represents nonlinear viscous flow or stationary creep, while when M [right arrow] 0, the equation represents strain-hardening plastic flow.
Not surprisingly, the plastic flow properties were also found to depend strongly on adhesive thickness.
The engineering team at Asahi Kasei Plastics looks to Autodesk Simulation 360 as a complete solution given its plastic flow simulation, structural analysis and CFD capabilities that allow the company to read any CAD data provided by customers and easily convert it to simulation file types.
28,000 pieces of 120-liter jug, home selective collection of plastic flow
It is important not to focus on the gate as the only restriction to plastic flow.
The mechanical behavior of each phase is viscoelastoplastic with different laws of plastic flow (viscoplasticity) and different rates of structural rearrangement (viscoelasticity).