plastic deformation

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1. deformity, especially an alteration in shape or structure.
2. the process of adapting in shape or form.
elastic deformation temporary elongation of tissue when a prolonged force has been applied. See also creep.
plastic deformation permanent elongation of tissue when a prolonged nondisruptive mechanical force has been applied. See also creep.

plastic deformation,

n any irreversible deformation of tissues.
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The increased flow rate increased the shear rate and led to a reduction in the viscosity, making the plastic flow easier, resulting in flash.
1) was used to describe the shape of anisotropic yield locus and anisotropic plastic flow under monotonic loadings.
Artificial balancing is the practice of restricting or enhancing plastic flow to one or more cavities to achieve a fill balance.
Plastic: plastic is a process of heating and being in a state of plastic flow.
Following the observation by Mindel and Brown that the stress dependence of flow is independent of strain [23], it can be rationalized [24, 25] that a similar relation is found for the product of time-to-failure and the plastic flow rate during secondary creep, [[?
Rheology is the study of the flow of matter, primarily in a liquid state, but also as soft solids or solids under conditions in which they respond with plastic flow rather than deforming elastically in response to an applied force.
Also Tong has presented a phenomenological theory based on the plastic spin concept, Fourier series and concepts of microscopic polycrystalline plasticity for describing the anisotropic plastic flow of the orthotropic polycrystalline aluminium sheet metals under plane stress [14-15].
The accelerated patch hits the substrate at an oblique angle where the high impact velocity induces plastic flow at the film-substrate interface.
The top of the bottle has a plastic flow restrictor (a round plastic disc with small hole for the syringe) to help prevent parents from accidentally overdosing.
The confinement pressure provided by the FRP increases continuously with the lateral strain of concrete because of the linear elastic stress-strain behaviour of FRP, in contrast to steel-confined concrete in which the confining pressure remains constant when the steel is in plastic flow.
An example of numeric simulation of plastic flow at temperature 700[degrees]C was applied to forging of drop forging in a closed die.
They consider such aspects as the International Atomic Energy Agency's coordinated research projects on the structural integrity of reactor pressure vessels, the embrittlement correlation method for the Japanese reactor pressure vessel materials, irradiation-induced grain-boundary solute segregation and its effect on the ductile-to-brittle transition temperatures in reactor pressure vessel steels, inter-relationships between true stress-true strain behavior and deformation microstructure in the plastic deformation of neutron-irradiated or work-hardened austenitic stainless steel, and the influence of neutron irradiation on energy accumulation and dissipation during plastic flow and hardening of metallic polycrystals.