plastic deformation

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1. deformity, especially an alteration in shape or structure.
2. the process of adapting in shape or form.
elastic deformation temporary elongation of tissue when a prolonged force has been applied. See also creep.
plastic deformation permanent elongation of tissue when a prolonged nondisruptive mechanical force has been applied. See also creep.

plastic deformation,

n any irreversible deformation of tissues.
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However, contrary to the case of tension, the plastic deformations of the elements under compression (when the limit state is reached, i.
As the elements featuring effective energy absorption are deformed within the area of plastic deformations, the critical force [F.
to reach desired plastic deformation and to avoid passenger's space reduction.
Irregular 'notches' and depressions on the surface of the tooth indicated the relatively hard conditions of cutting the lock and surface plastic deformation in the process of shot blast hardening of the blade.
Plastic deformation can be one of the sneakier wear patterns to deal with.
Since tissue tearing is obviously not desirable, the stretch should produce either elastic extension or plastic deformation.
5) Important scratch features such as scratch width, yield coefficient of friction, scratch depth, and residual depth at the onset of plastic deformation are identified from LSCM and scratch data.
This residual deformation is called plastic deformation and the point on the stress-strain curve at which it begins to accumulate is called the yield point (yield stress and yield strain).
In the investigated materials, material transfer and plastic deformation were identified as predominant wear mechanism under unlubricated sliding conditions.