plaster splint

plas·ter splint

a splint constructed of bandages impregnated with plaster of Paris.
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She was placed in a well-padded long arm posterior plaster splint extending from the posterior shoulder to the fingers, with an additional coaptation component to the splint to stabilize the humerus fracture.
Plaster splint is cut longitudinally using a saw (Fig.
Patients were called after 3 weeks when the plaster splint was discarded, stitches were removed, and active exercises of the elbow were advised with wires in situ.
After the operation, an elastic bandage and plaster splint are applied over the knee to keep it stable.
At the conclusion of the surgery, a plaster splint, wrapped with a bandage, was applied from the patient's foot to just below her knee.
The elbow was immobilized in a long-arm plaster splint for 3 weeks.
The children were randomly assigned, using concealed allocation methods, to treatment with either a short arm plaster cast or an individually fitted plaster splint attached with a wrap, each worn for 3 weeks.
The new technology known as 3D printing has been adapted for a new medical device called NovaCast, which replaces traditional plaster splints. Graduate engineering students from the National University of Mexico developed the new cast for a new company called Mediprint.