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Relating to plasma.
Synonym(s): plasmic
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adjective Referring to plasma; plasmic. Plasmatic is less commonly used than plasma in the working medical parlance.
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Relating to plasma.
Synonym(s): plasmic.
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In several s domestic species and wild mammals, salivary cortisol is correlated to plasmic cortisol (domestic dog: BEERDA et al., 1996; guinea pig: FENSKE, 1996; rhesus monkey: DAVENPORT et al., 2003; dolphins: PEDERNERA-ROMANO et al., 2006) and its increasing is tied to distress, being consequence tied to the animal's welfare (LANE, 2006).
(2006) Up-regulation of transient receptor potential canonical 1 (TRPC1) following sarco (endo) plasmic reticulum Ca2+ ATPase 2 gene silencing promotes cell survival: a potential role for TRPC1 in Darier's disease.
And if that weren't enough, Airmen also have to worry about other emerging cyber threats stemming from nanotechnology, passive detection systems, directed energy, plasmic shielding, and other sources.
In contrast, clay-rich (Zp) regolith has a clay-supported fabric typical of the plasmic zone (Anand and Paine 2002) and where segregations of goethite and hematite are less abundant (Fig.
If Morris Louis's thin veils of poured paint conflated surface and support, so, too, do Booth's translucent acrylics, despite the utter impermeability of her chosen surface: Painted on both front and reverse sides (the latter registering on the recto as a mirror image), her plasmic textures look almost like glass itself, but as if distilled and denatured to various states of liquidity in which light pools and glimmers.
There were serious talks about UFOs and a not-so-serious parade through the historic downtown, complete with little green men, "Marvin and the Screaming Organisms," Great Danes with "Do I have any Klingons?" stamped above their tails, "planet pies," "boiled blurp," "plasmic fizz," "flaming Uranuses" and "Alienator" microbrew for all.
The company has also launched another edition of its Ion pen, which is available in three "futuristic" colors: liquid saffron, plasmic green and cosmic purple.
It was shown that the permeability of the plasmic membrane of most somaclonal families derived from the cultivars Kirundo 9 and Facagro 76 was less affected by chilling than in the original parental cultivars, which may at least partially explain their improved chilling tolerance.
Linda, 34, got pregnant thanks to a pioneering technique called intracyto- plasmic sperm injection.
Within the plasmic folds of a kind of supercoordinate Hilbert space, Wallace choreographs a dance of distentions (not all of which appear as characters) that are for purposes of the dance indistinguishable from the envelope of fatality with whose topological surface they interface and from whose curvature and parallax they fail to deduce their imprisonment in a paint-by-number Las Meninas that seems drawn to scale by the Logico-Tractator himself.
Marder, "Increased resistance to plasmic degradation of fibrin with highly crosslinked alpha-polymer chains formed at high factor XIII concentrations," Blood, vol.