plasma thromboplastin component

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1. a constituent element or part.
2. one part of a prosthesis system.
clinical c's the three classification schemes that make up the omaha system: the problem classification scheme arranges 40 nursing diagnoses (called client problems) into four different domains; the intervention scheme assigns nursing interventions to the client problems; and the problem rating scale for outcomes assigns ratings to describe the client's problem-specific knowledge, behavior, and status at various points in the treatment process. See Appendix on the Omaha System.
M component [Myeloma or Macroglobulinemia] structurally homogeneous protein in serum or urine appearing as a sharp spike in the beta or gamma globulin region on protein electrophoresis. The protein is in most cases a monoclonal immunoglobulin or heavy chain fragment, or a monoclonal immunoglobulin light chain or light chain fragment, either alone or with monoclonal immunoglobulin containing the same light chain. M components are characteristic of plasma cell dyscrasias.
performance c's see performance components.
plasma thromboplastin component (PTC) factor IX, one of the coagulation factors.
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fac·tor IX

in the clotting of blood, also known as: Christmas factor (Biggs and Macfarlane), plasma thromboplastin component (Aggeler), antihemophilic globulin B (Cramer), plasma thromboplastin factor B (Aggeler), plasma factor X (Shulman), antihemophilic factor B, and platelet cofactor II. Factor IX is required for the formation of intrinsic blood thromboplastin and affects the amount formed (rather than the rate). Its active form, factor IXa (EC is a serine proteinase converting factor X to factor Xa by cleaving an arginine-isoleucine bond. Deficiency of factor IX causes hemophilia B.
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fac·tor IX

In the clotting of blood, required for the formation of intrinsic blood thromboplastin; deficiency causes hemophilia B.
Synonym(s): antihemophilic globulin B, Christmas factor, plasma thromboplastin component.
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fac·tor IX

In blood clotting, also known as: Christmas factor and other designations; required for formation of intrinsic blood thromboplastin and affects the amount formed (rather than the rate).
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