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plaques, 1. brain lesions found within the vacant areas between nerve cells.
2. deposits of cholesterol in artery walls that characterize arteriosclerosis.
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But there were merely holes where the pins had held the larger metal plaques on the huge expanse of granite.
Veterans memorial plaques are just one of many possible applications for custom military plaques (http://www.
The bottom line is there's no meaningful benefit of removing plaques," says Rudolph Castellani of the University of Maryland School of Medicine.
The choice of gold standard represents a challenging problem when evaluating a suggested biomarker of plaque vulnerability.
It is so distressing that these beautiful plaques have been sacrificed to greed," said Newcastle education specialist Alison Stancliffe, who works with children in the Ouseburn Valley.
We think the 168 plaques were jemmied off the wall and taken away from the garden, possibly on Friday night.
Enthusiasts believe the commemorative plaques, which can be found on buildings throughout the United Kingdom, are one of the most effective - and visible - means of celebrating our history and the historic environment The conference aims to consider and celebrate the large number of plaques across the country, to share experiences, and to consider future developments.
Bazan's team wanted to determine what the association might be with plaques in the carotid arteries, a common cause of strokes.
Other plaques will commemorate astronomer John Jones, writer and artist Brenda Chamberlain, engineer Iorys Hughes, jazz musician Harry Parry and journalist Angus McDermid.
The commission wants to be able to better guide owners of historic buildings so there will be more consistency among the commemorative plaques, Markarian said.
Department of Veterans Affairs to pick and choose what religions and belief systems it will accommodate in the production of headstones, markers and plaques for veterans," Fox said.