plaque index

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Plaque In·dex

an index for estimating the status of oral hygiene by measuring dental plaque that occurs in the areas adjacent to the gingival margin.

plaque in·dex

(plak indeks)
Measure for estimating status of oral hygiene by measuring dental plaque that occurs in areas adjacent to gingival margin.
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In previous studies on H pylori positivity in dental plaque, we found no information about the objective criteria, such as periodontal index and plaque index, that would quantify the periodontal hygiene.
They scored colour reaction on the basis of a colour chart, and those scores were compared with scores from traditional clinical evaluation methods, such as plaque index, gingival index, attachment levels and bleeding on probing.
In addition, the analyses for 3- and 5-year-olds were also adjusted for parents' level of education (high = university, intermediate = high school, low = upper secondary school), snacks between principal meals (0-3 or [greater than or equal to] 4 per day) and plaque index (low = 0-4%, intermediate = 4.
After examination and being matched for disease status, plaque index, age and gender, participants were assigned to either a control or test group.
OH was assessed using the plaque index (PI) of Silness and Loe [1964] on the six Ramfjord teeth (16,12,24,36,32,44-proximal, buccal, lingual) with the use of a disclosing agent (score 0=no dental plaque in the gingiva area, score 1= a film of dental plaque adhering to the free gingival margin (only upon probing), score 2=moderate accumulation of dental plaque at the gingival margin (seen by naked eye), score 3=abundant dental plaque in the gingival margin).