plaque index

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Plaque In·dex

an index for estimating the status of oral hygiene by measuring dental plaque that occurs in the areas adjacent to the gingival margin.
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plaque in·dex

(plak indeks)
Measure for estimating status of oral hygiene by measuring dental plaque that occurs in areas adjacent to gingival margin.
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One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Levene's test were used to compare the results of the study group with the control group for OHI, denture plaque index, and the number of bacteria.
The objective of this study was to compare the first-year and the final (sixth)-year dental students at Zagreb University regarding oral health behavior using the HU-DBI, and to estimate the influence of dental training on the oral care regime by determining plaque index as an indicator of the present oral hygiene level, using the modified Greene-Vermillion method(18).
The difference was significant only in plaque index in both groups (Figure 5& 6).
The main outcome was the plaque index (simplified O'Leary) [13] recorded after each treatment session.
* Plaque Index (PI) according to Silness--Loe [14]: Each of the four surfaces of the teeth (buccal, lingual, mesial and distal) is given a score from 0-3.
Their sexual function was assessed using the International Index of Erectile Function and their gum health using the plaque index, bleeding on probing, probing depth and clinical attachment level.
This was followed by recording of Silness and Loe plaque index [Silness and Loe, 1964].
Now the nitty-gritty: the cancers and deaths were related to the extent of patients' dental plaque measured on a plaque index. A good index would be 0.5-0.7.
Box 1 Scores for the Plaque and Gingival Indexes The Silness & Loe Plaque Index (PI) (Silness & Loe, 1964): * Score 0: The tooth surface is clean.