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any multicellular eukaryotic organism that performs photosynthesis to obtain its nutrition; plants comprise one of the five kingdoms in the most widely used classification of living organisms.
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Q. Doyou know if the Plant Yarrow give a RASH?

A. ThanksTerrany and Henry for your answers. I do need more information concerning skin contact with Yarrow.MRaye

Q. Are there any herbal plants to lower bad cholesterol? I want some advice. My son has high bad cholesterol. I am not comfortable in giving him meds but keen in knowing about herbal meds. Are there any herbal plants to lower bad cholesterol? I want some advice.

A. You can also give him the waxy grains of lecithin to be found at a good health food store. You can add this to his oatmeal or place in unsweetened, organic applesauce. Taking it even further and good for you too, try having 3 tablespoons or ground organic flaxseeds in your oatmeal every day! It will add essential fatty acids to your diet and help to keep your colon clean. You can grind the seeds in a coffe grinder! Keep the flax seeds in the freezer or fridge to preserve its goodness

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Along the city's Sixteenth Street, the American Legion planted 507 trees, each with a bronze plaque honoring the life of a man or woman from the District who died in WWI.
"Some of the common species have been nesting and rearing their young in koa trees planted thanks to AMERICAN FORESTS.
He calls gene flow between commercial and wild sunflowers "a virtual certainty." To mimic this potential spread, Burke and Rieseberg bred OxOx into a wild species and planted the enhanced offspring in cages in California, Indiana, and North Dakota.
But despite reams of documentation on the number, location, and funding source for trees planted, the Forest Service does not keep track of the tree planters themselves.
By December 2000 Mayor Anthony Williams had planted 4,200 of the 6,000 new trees he had made a campaign pledge to plant.
* In Nevada, 10,000 conifers will be planted on 400 acres of Humboldt-Toiyabe Notional Forest burned in a mid-1990s fire.
"The trees will be planted on behalf of children, because they are the ones who will inherit the future with all its promise and problems," Gangloff said.
In 1917, a red oak sapling was planted near George Washington's tomb at Mt.
Spring brought a flurry of tree-planting activities for AMERICAN FORESTS' partners, as communities planted trees in global ReLeaf Forests and state launched Millennium Groves.
Planted last fall on some of the poorest sand soils in Florida, nothing about this fledgling forest southwest of Tallahassee hints at its significance.
Nearly 20 years ago Johannessen planted a windbreak along one edge of his property to eventually shield a grove of variegated fruit trees.
Within hours 600 trees were planted to begin the conversion of a grassy, sloping riverbank into a 100-foot-wide streamside forest buffer.