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pertaining to the sole of the foot.
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(plan'tar), [TA] Avoid the incorrect form planter or planter's (wart).
Relating to the sole of the foot.
Synonym(s): plantaris [TA]
[L. plantaris]
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(plăn′tər, -tär′)
Of, relating to, or occurring on the sole of the foot: plantar warts.
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adjective Referring to the sole of the foot.
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(plan'tahr) [TA]
Relating to the sole of the foot or the caudal aspect of the tarsus on the hind limb of an animal.
[L. plantaris]
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Pertaining to the sole of the foot. Compare PALMAR.
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Patient discussion about plantar

Q. Can anyone suggest a treatment for plantar fasciitis, apart from ultrasound, physio, anti-inflammatory agents? My friend has had Plantar Fasciitis for more than 1 year and has persevered with all the ususal treatments above plus lots of rest from weight-bearing and elevation.

A. Padded foot splints, silicone heels insert and special shoes (e.g. arch-supporting shoes) may also help. These are usually sold and fitted by a professional. Exercise is another important measure. Some patients benefit from avoiding walking barefoot or in sleepers but rather using shoes from the first step.

More advanced treatments include steroid-local anesthetics injections, botulinum toxin (similar to botox) injections and surgery.

The prognosis is usually favorable, and most patients achieve relief of the pain.

However, all of the above is just for general knowledge - if you have any specific question, you may want to consult a doctor.

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Q. Is there any good source for heel pain relief, besides NSAIDs? My heel pain is most severe at night when I sleep. It's as if the way I position my feet worsen the condition, but I'm at a loss to know how to position my feet. During the day my heels feel so but don't typically bother me.

A. I have found that keeping my feet flexed (the position they are in when standing) helps ease the pain of plantar facitis. I also don't let my feet get cold(wear socks)and keep heavy blankets and quilts off the feet. Placing a box under the covers at the foot of the bed will help keep the blankets up. Do try the exercises recommended on the above web sites. It usually resolves in about 6 months. Best wishes!

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There was point tenderness over the base of the second metatarsal extending to its articulation with the medial cuneiform of the right foot, more pronounced dorsally than plantarly. There was no tenderness at the base of the fifth metatarsal, the third and fourth metatarsals, navicular, cuneiforms, or cuboid.