plantaris muscle

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plan·tar·is mus·cle

(plan-tā'ris mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, lateral supracondylar ridge; insertion, medial margin of tendo achillis and deep fascia of ankle; action, traditionally described as plantar flexion of foot; many investigators now believe the plantaris muscle to be primarily a proprioceptive organ; nerve supply, tibial nerve.
Synonym(s): musculus plantaris [TA] , plantar muscle.
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Voluntary running distance, body weight and muscle weight of the plantaris muscle.
1998) demonstrated that 8 weeks of voluntary wheel running in the unloaded condition did not increase the weight or fiber area of the plantaris muscle, regardless of the distance run.
In the present study, we tested the hypothesis that voluntary running will increase the number of satellite cells in the rat plantaris muscle, which is a well-recruited fast-twitch muscle during running (Jasmin and Gardiner, 1987), without causing hypertrophy.
The proximal third of the hypertrophied tendon of plantaris muscle compressing the vascular bundle was excised, leaving the muscle belly into place (Figure 1b and Figure 1c).
Atypical claudication symptoms persisted in the contralateral non-operated leg (right) and, following the good results obtained with surgery in the left leg, the same procedure was used, hypertrophied plantaris muscle was identified and excised.
Dynamic tests such as Doppler ultrasonography and fMRA, with plantar flexion and dorsiflexion of the foot, showed a lateral neurovascular displacement and compression between soleal band and medial gastrocnemius and plantaris muscle.
Presence or absence of the plantaris muscle in the Drepanidini from Raikow (1976) and taxa added in this study (boldface).
Table 2 shows taurine concentration in both portions of GC muscle, plantaris muscle, liver, and plasma after a transient exercise to exhaustion with or without taurine supplementation for 3 weeks.
Figure 2 shows the threonine (A), serine (B), glycine (C), and alanine (D) concentrations in the GC-W and GC-R muscles, plantaris muscle, liver, and plasma in the four groups.
A scan last week revealed the world number three - Europe's highest-ranked player - has a ruptured plantaris muscle in his right calf.
Examinations revealed multiple soft-tissue lesions, including an avulsion of the lateral femoral condyle, ruptures of the joint capsule as well as of the biceps femoris, gastrocnemic and plantaris muscles.