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Extension of the ankle, pointing of the foot and toes.
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A 2D kinematic analysis determined the magnitude of midfoot flexion and ankle plantarflexion. The worn pointe shoe caused significantly greater mid-foot flexion (p < 0.01) and ankle plantarflexion (p < 0.01) en pointe compared to the new pointe shoe.
In addition, the ankle motion is somewhat limited in dorsiflexion, with extra plantarflexion motion.
Motor examination showed loss of dorsiflexion (L4) and plantarflexion (S1) with inability to extend the toes (L5).
We suspect that the worse results for the cluster two could be associated with early pathological neurophysiological alteration involved to generate plantarflexion force i.e.
Chen, "Effects of a single session of whole body vibration on ankle plantarflexion spasticity and gait performance in patients with chronic stroke: a randomized controlled trial," Clinical Rehabilitation, vol.
Dual-channel FES can be applied to the dorsiflexors and hamstrings to correct foot drop and knee hyperextension during stance [14, 15] and also be delivered to paretic ankle plantar flexors to dorsiflexors to induce greater swing-phase knee flexion, a larger ankle plantarflexion angle at toe-off, and stronger forward propulsion [8].
[5] designed a bio-inspired soft wearable robotic device for assisting dorsiflexion and plantarflexion as well as inversion and eversion to provide assistance during gait.
The displaced fracture of the calcaneal tuberosity (Figure 1(a)) is then anatomically reduced with the ankle in maximal plantarflexion. A 1.0 cm longitudinal skin incision is made on the plantar aspect of the heel, and a periarticular reduction clamp is applied for reduction and fragment compression (Figure 2).
Hip extension and ankle plantarflexion significantly decreased.
Compensations include over pronation or 1st ray plantarflexion to allow the medial forefoot to contact the ground.
Inclinometers for measuring ankle ROM, specifically ankle dorsiflexion (10) have shown to be reliable, and functional plantarflexion has been shown to be best quantified using an inclinometer on the dorsum of the foot in modern dancers (11).