plantaris muscle

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plan·tar·is mus·cle

(plan-tā'ris mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, lateral supracondylar ridge; insertion, medial margin of tendo achillis and deep fascia of ankle; action, traditionally described as plantar flexion of foot; many investigators now believe the plantaris muscle to be primarily a proprioceptive organ; nerve supply, tibial nerve.
Synonym(s): musculus plantaris [TA] , plantar muscle.
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Increased levels of free radicals indicated that the metabolic breakdown and injury in the plantar muscle was significantly higher in rats that were sacrificed one day after exhaustion in comparison with the other groups in untrained rats, muscle MDA levels were significantly higher (Figure 5); GSH levels were lower (Figure 6) than in trained rats.
Initially, the accessory soleus muscle was considered to be a supernumerary muscle or an anatomical variation of the plantar muscle. According to Petterson et al.