plantar fibromatosis

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1. the presence of multiple fibromas.
2. the formation of a fibrous tumorlike nodule arising from the deep fascia, with a tendency to local recurrence.
fibromatosis gingi´vae (gingival fibromatosis) a noninflammatory fibrous hyperplasia of the gingivae and palate, manifested as a dense, smooth, or nodular overgrowth of the tissues. It is usually inherited as an autosomal dominant trait, but some cases are idiopathic and others are produced by drugs.
palmar fibromatosis fibromatosis involving the palmar fascia, and resulting in Dupuytren's contracture.
plantar fibromatosis fibromatosis involving the plantar fascia manifested as single or multiple nodular swellings, sometimes accompanied by pain but usually unassociated with contractures.
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plan·tar fi·bro·ma·to·sis

nodular fibroblastic proliferation in plantar fascia of one or both feet; rarely associated with contracture.
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plan·tar fi·bro·ma·to·sis

(plan'tahr fī'brō-mă-tō'sis)
Nodular fibroblastic proliferation in plantar fascia of one or both feet; rarely associated with contracture.
Synonym(s): Dupuytren disease of the foot.
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Baron Guillaume, French surgeon and surgical pathologist, 1777-1835.
Dupuytren amputation - amputation of the arm at the shoulder joint.
Dupuytren canal - one of the veins in the diploë of the cranial bones. Synonym(s): diploic vein
Dupuytren contracture - a disease of the palmar fascia resulting in thickening and shortening of fibrous bands on the palmar surface of the hand and fingers.
Dupuytren diathesis
Dupuytren disease of the foot - nodular fibroblastic proliferation in plantar fascia of one or both feet. Synonym(s): plantar fibromatosis
Dupuytren enterotome
Dupuytren exostosis
Dupuytren fascia - the thickened, central portion of the fascia ensheathing the hand. Synonym(s): palmar aponeurosis
Dupuytren fracture - fracture of lower part of fibula, with dislocation of ankle. Synonym(s): Pott I syndrome
Dupuytren hydrocele - bilocular hydrocele in which the sac fills the scrotum and also extends into the abdominal cavity beneath the peritoneum.
Dupuytren knife
Dupuytren operation
Dupuytren sign - (1) in congenital dislocation, free up-and-down movement of the head of the femur occurring upon intermittent traction; - (2) a crackling sensation on pressure over the bone in certain cases of sarcoma.
Dupuytren splint
Dupuytren suture - a continuous Lembert suture.
Dupuytren tourniquet - an instrument for compression of the abdominal aorta.
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