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a genus of herbs, including P. in´dica, P. psyl´lium (Spanish psyllium), and P. ova´ta (blond psyllium); see also psyllium hydrophilic mucilloid, plantago seed, and psyllium husk.
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The root and leaves of the common or large-leaved plantain, Plantago major (family Plantaginaceae).
[L. plantain]
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Thus the probability of Veronica use in the focal patch increased with increasing Veronica use in the surrounding patches ([S.sub.V]), whereas it decreased with increasing use of Plantago in the surrounding patches ([S.sub.P]).
Dominant forb species were Plantago patagonica, Hedeoma hispidum, Draba reptans and Androsace occidentalis.
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Comparative study of organic and mineral fertilizer on Plantago arenaria plant.
fallax Globularia repens 2 + + Euphorbia chamaebitxits + + + + Poa alpina + + + 1 Silene ciliata + Alchemilla alpigena + + Plantago alpina Gentianella campestris Festuca burnatii + 1 1 + + 1 Helianthemum urrielense Releve number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Juniperus alpina 1 Viola rupestris Potentilla crantzii + Gentiana occidentalis + + Seditm atratum + Eryngium bourgatii 1 1 Genista legionensis 4 Erigeron alpinus lberis carnosa Ranunculus carinthiacus Agrostis schleicheri Astragalus depressus Hippocrepis comosa Draba dedeana Ranunculus parnassiifolius subsp.
Reuslts of our study revealed that Berberis lycium, Debregeasia saeneb and Oxalis stricta had medicinal importance, while Amaranthus spinosis, Astragalus anisacanthus, Caralluma edulis, Nasturtium officinale, Plantago major, Rumex hastatus and Sisymbrium officinale are important both as food supplement for animals and local inhabitants and other commercial uses such as herbal medicine, essentials, fiber and vitamins resources.
Con el presente estudio se integra a la lista los generos: Nassella, Plantago, Castilleja, Galium y Urtica, los cuales se encontraron asociados a todos los rodales de P.
Psyllium is a common name used for the plant genus Plantago. In western countries, dietary fiber from psyllium has been used extensively as both pharmacological supplements and food ingredients.
Quand l'annee est favorable des les premieres chaleurs de printemps, on peut voire parfois dans les milieux degrades comme c'est le cas de Sebdou et Sidi Djilali un developpement d'hemicryptophytes a rosettes (Atractylis humilis, Pallenis spinosa, Plantago lagopus, etc).