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planta pedis

(plăn′tă pē′dŭs) plural.plantae [L.]
The sole of the foot.
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the PLANT KINGDOM. Which groups of organisms are included in the Plantae depends upon which CLASSIFICATION is adopted. The most modern classification based on molecular structure limits the Plantae to the BRYOPHYTES and the TRACHEOPHYTES.
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Caption: FIGURE 2: Dissection of left leg and foot to show accessory flexor digitorum longus muscle (AFDL: accessory flexor digitorum longus muscle; CT: calcaneal tendon; FDL: flexor digitorum longus tendon; FHL: flexor hallucis longus tendon; TP: tibialis posterior tendon; QP: quadratus plantae muscle).
Rank/taxa Classification Kingdom Plantae Division Magnoliophyta Class Magnoliopsida Order Malpighiales Family Violaceae Genus Viola Species Viola canescens Table 2: Chemical constituents of V.
En las plantas (Reino Plantae), el genero Solanum es uno de los mas diversos de la familia Solanaceae, con aproximadamente 1.500 especies (Weese y Bohs, 2007).
Most seaweeds are not sea vegetables per se; their scientific classification is not the Kingdom Plantae but the Kingdom Protista.
This leads the child to consider investigating adopting a member from the Kingdom Plantae. Further educational activities about animal classifications are suggested in the final pages of "The Perfect Pet," along with a Kingdom Animalia classification outline, and color coded sidebars of the five major classes of vertebrates.
Of the Plantae kingdom, class Liliopsida, order Poales, and family Poaceae, there is a marvelous flora that holds great potential for new and green technologies (USDA, 2013).
Analyzing the last book of Cowley's Plantae, which deals (differently from books 1-5) with English history, the question might arise whether this could be an influence from Propertius's last book, which deals (differently from books 1-3) with Roman history.
Kingdom Plantae Subkingdom Tracheobionta Superdivision Spermatophyta Division Magnoliophyta Class Magnoliopsida Subclass Hamamelididae Order Urticales Family Moraceae Genus Morus L.