plant viruses

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plant vi·rus·es

viruses pathogenic to higher plants.
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Moreover, recent efforts have expanded the knowledge of the true diversity of plant viruses, by studying infections in wild, undomesticated plants, showing that viruses adapt and move across the border between native wild systems and artificial, domesticated environments, contributing to disease emergence (Roossinck & GarciaArenal, 2015; Stobbe & Roossinck, 2016).
Survey of plant viruses and prompt diagnostics should be frequently carried out in areas known for large cultivation of economically important crops.
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Plant viruses affect the aesthetic value of ornamental Calendula by reducing its rate of growth as well as the quality and quantity of its uowers.
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Geminiviruses are an emerging group of plant viruses infecting most of economically important crops and ornamental plants throughout the world (Mansoor et al., 2003).
Wang's findings could target any number of plant viruses. One virus Wang has studied -- the cucumber mosaic virus -- affects pumpkin, squash and gourds in 1,200 species in over 100 plant families.
It damages the plant in three ways - by extracting sap and therefore nutrients, by creating a sticky honeydew on the surface of the plant which attracts mould, and by transmitting damaging plant viruses through its saliva.
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* Africa is home to many plant viruses not found elsewhere eq.
In addition to that, hackers can also use Bash bug to plant viruses on Web sites secretly once users have browsed on infected Web sites.