plant viruses

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plant vi·rus·es

viruses pathogenic to higher plants.
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We think we have a major advantage in using engineered plant viruses to scale-up vaccine manufacture within weeks instead of months," Arntzen said.
Five scientists at INRA, the Institut National de lt Recherche Agronomique in France, tell the story of plant viruses at various levels of their existence: the cell, the plant, the population, and the smaller or larger ecological niche.
CMV has the broadest host range among the plant viruses (Roosinck, 2002) and has been reported infecting banana and causes banana chlorosis disease from various parts of the world including Maharashtra (Mali and Deshpande, 1976; Singh et al.
The core of his research program is molecular genetics and the evolution of plant viruses.
Usefulness and limitations of the species concept for plant viruses.
The emergence of new plant diseases: the case of insect-transmitted plant viruses.
With more than 14,000 microorganisms, 900 plant viruses, 550 human and animal cell lines, 500 plant cell cultures and more than 6,300 cultures deposited, the DSMZ has demonstrated its commitment to serve science for decades.
Characteristics of the microplate method of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of plant viruses.
Gibson RW and AD Rice The combined LISe of mineral oils and pyrethroid to control plant viruses transmitted non- and semipersistently by Mizus persicae.