plant viruses

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plant vi·rus·es

viruses pathogenic to higher plants.
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Ecosystem simplification, biodiversity loss and plant virus emergence.
In this paper, we have studied the dynamics of a plant virus propagation model with two delays (3) proposed by Jackson and Chen-Charpentier [15].
Gilligan, "Disease control and its selection for damaging plant virus strains in vegetatively propagated staple food crops; a theoretical assessment," Proceedings of the Royal Society B, vol.
Citation: "Multivalent Ligand Displayed on Plant Virus Induces Rapid Onset of Bone Differentiation;" L.
Charudattan maintains that a common plant virus can be used to kilt tropical soda apple, and he is seeking commercial partners to produce and market the virus as a natural biocontrol and bioherbicide.
The Vance lab has identified a plant virus protein, the helper component-proteinase (HC-Pro) of potyviruses that suppresses PTGS and thereby acts as a counter-defense.
This study demonstrated the efficient inhibition of in vitro translation of this plant virus by relatively short antisense sequences, and suggested avenues of investigation for the control of plant viruses in transgenic plants.
I don't think we know enough to say whether aminoacylation of a plant virus is necessary for its replication or is simply an evolutionary accident which persists because the structure that the 3[prime] terminus needs to be recognized in replication is also a structure that is recognized by an enzyme that happens to aminoacylate the terminus.
It is possible to introduce the genetic sequence of the virus or bacteria that we want to immunize against into the plant virus. We then eat the food.