plant viruses

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plant vi·rus·es

viruses pathogenic to higher plants.
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Stefan Franzen, professor of chemistry, and Steven Lommel, professor of plant pathology and genetics, used the special properties of a fairly common and non-toxic plant virus as a means to convey drugs to the target cells.
A research team led by Professor Klaus Schulten at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign simulated a plant virus with as many as 1 million moving atoms.
announced today that it has licensed the plant virus nanoparticle drug delivery system developed by Professors' Stefan Franzen and Steven Lommel from North Carolina State University.
Fraunhofer USA will be exploring complementary technology, and will provide a highly developed plant virus platform system with a wide host range.
Jarret says the plant virus proteins are similar to a human vaccine.
A theoretical assessment of the effects of vector-virus transmission mechanism on plant virus disease epidemics.
Scottish Crop Research Institute is one of the leading centers for plant virus research.
We're also working on a genome map of the virus--the longest RNA plant virus known--to help us understand how it causes disease," Garnsey explains.
We reversed the coding sequence of a piece of genetic material taken from a plant virus to create an antisense gene," he says.
PAPAYA: Monsanto supports the Papaya Biotechnology Network of Southeast Asia with technology and training to help develop papaya resistant to a pernicious plant virus that destroys one of Southeast Asia's most important crops.
Products now in the marketplace because of ARS CRADA's include Embrex's in-ovo vaccine, a plant virus test kit, biodegradable plastics, and new food/fiber ingredients such as oatrim.
Currently, biotechnology research is being used to develop a sweetpotato that protects itself against a devastating plant virus.