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consciously setting forth a scheme to achieve a desired end or goal. The planning phase of the nursing process provides a blueprint for nursing interventions to achieve specified goals. A plan of nursing care includes nursing diagnoses arranged in order of priority, goals or objectives that give direction and purpose to nursing intervention, nursing orders that encompass nursing activities necessary to achieve specified goals, and criteria by which it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of nursing intervention and the plan of care. In most instances the goals or objectives can be used as outcome criteria for the evaluation phase of the process.

Goals or objectives in the care plan should be stated in behavioral terms, that is, they should describe what the patient will be able to do as a result of nursing interventions. If they are to be useful as criteria for evaluation, they should be measurable and realistic. Nursing orders are the nursing actions and patient activities prescribed by the nurse to achieve the stated goals and objectives.
discharge planning in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as preparation for moving a patient from one level of care to another within or outside the current health care agency. See also discharge planner.
family planning the practice of birth control measures within the context of family values, attitudes, and beliefs; including oral contraceptives, diaphragm, condom, and natural family planning; see also contraception.
family planning, natural methods of avoiding conception without the use of artificial contraceptive means; see discussion under contraception. Called also fertility awareness methods.
family planning: contraception in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as facilitation of pregnancy prevention by providing information about the physiology of reproduction and methods to control conception. See also contraception.
family planning: infertility in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as management, education, and support of the patient and significant other undergoing evaluation and treatment for infertility.
family planning: unplanned pregnancy in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as facilitation of decision making regarding pregnancy outcome.


/plan·ning/ (plan´ing) consciously setting forth a scheme to achieve a desired end or goal.
natural family planning  rhythm method.


Etymology: L, planum
(in five-step nursing process) a category of nursing behavior in which a strategy is designed to achieve the goals of care for an individual patient, as established in assessing and analyzing. Planning includes developing and modifying a care plan for the patient, collaborating with other personnel, and recording relevant information. To develop the plan the nurse anticipates the patient's needs according to established priorities; involves the patient and the patient's family and significant others in designing the plan; uses all information necessary for managing the patient's care, including recorded information from other health professionals and the age, sex, culture, ethnicity, and religion; plans for the patient's comfort, activity, and function; and chooses nursing measures that are necessary to deliver care as planned. With the cooperation of other health personnel, the nurse coordinates care for the benefit of the patient and identifies resources in the health care facility or community for social or health assistance as needed by the client or the patient's family. All information relevant to the management of the patient's care plan is recorded. Planning follows analyzing and precedes implementing in the five-step nursing process. See also analyzing, assessing, evaluating, implementing, nursing process.


The act of formulating or drafting a plan.

Patient discussion about planning

Q. Is it essential to make an exercise plan? I am trying for an exercise plan ……Is it essential to make an exercise plan?

A. by just doing any exercises any time, your body will gain some benefits. but planning it in regular schedule will absolutely help you to be healthier and more fit.
there will be a lot of benefits that you can have if you do the exercise plan (these 2 weeks to reduce some weight, then another 2 weeks to maintain it, then the rest you can start building some muscles, etc.)

good luck, and stay healthy always..

Q. Can somebody post a training plan? This is Moses, 22 yrs old male. I can run 1 to 3 km but my goal is to reach 15 km. I like to improve my fitness. How frequent do I need to practice to improve my fitness? Can somebody post a training plan?

A. Hi Moses, now I can run 12 km and I achieved this target by doing daily practice. So I suggest you to practice daily if you want to improve your fitness and to reach your goal. Slowly and slowly you will reach your target. You cannot reach the target in just one attempt. Please ensure that you practice daily and follow a proper schedule. In addition to that you need to have strict diet control and also have more water. I hope you would be able to reach you goal fast. Good Luck!!!

Q. My son is with ADHD and I am planning to give him something healthy. My son is with ADHD and I am planning to give him something healthy so as to have a control with the symptoms and to ensure calmness in him...

A. I think you can try on fish oil, many does the same. They are good in omega-3 which works good and they too have DHA. I gave to my sister she was better in a month. You must do some changes in his diet as well by reducing on fast foods, fizzy drinks, caffeine, processed foods and increase on fresh fruit, vegetables.

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