planned parenthood

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Planned Parenthood

an organization that provides reproductive health care services, including the promotion of accessible means of voluntary fertility control, operation of clinics, conduction of educational programs, conduction of research, and dissemination of information.
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planned parenthood

The concept that a couple or a woman may choose when to conceive and give birth. This is, of course, accomplished only by the careful and proper use of some form of birth control.
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Planned Parenthood attorney Alan Schoenfeld wrote that as a result and with "deep regret," the grantees "now have no option but to withdraw from the Title X program" from which Planned Parenthood has participated in for decades.
This larger Planned Parenthood affiliate in New York will be able to leverage the advantages of a consolidated health care system including standardised operations and uniform electronic medical records, increased bargaining power with payors such as insurance companies, streamlined
However, On December 29, 2003, Vivian Tran died of sepsis after having received abortion drugs for a "chemical abortion" from a California Planned Parenthood facility.
In New Jersey,more than 70 percentof the patients served by Title X received care at a Planned Parenthood health center.
Planned Parenthood officials and its supporters say the Medicaid funds are used only to help low-income women receive wellness services, cancer screenings, pregnancy tests and birth control.
Disclosure: Planned Parenthood has been a financial supporter of The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization that is funded in part by donations from members, foundations and corporate sponsors.
"Planned Parenthood Great Plains remains committed to serving our patients regardless of their ability to pay while we continue fighting to protect the right of Arkansas women and families to access critical health care services," Aaron Samulcek, interim president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Great Plains, said in a statement.
Guttmacher's analysis shows that if all other types of safety-net family planning centers had to fill the gap by serving all those currently obtaining contraceptive services from Planned Parenthood, women would find it considerably more difficult to obtain care.
When thinking about the ethics of a situation, one is sometimes advised to ask, "What would Jesus do?" If Jesus were to walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic and witness an abortion, what do you suppose his reaction would be?
voting to defund Planned Parenthood in any way, shape, or form.

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