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Any type of plankton.
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The combined information from the flow signal and patchy odor signal influences the mechanisms that guide the plankter to the source.
Average and standard error of plankters concentrations are reported using experiments as replicates.
This dichotomy has been attributed to the unique potential of marine plankters for distant dispersal across homogenous oceans with few barriers to gene flow (2).
Influence of food density on respiration rate of two crustacean plankters, Daphnia galeata and Bosmina longirostris.
3), and larval fishes were relatively rare, the imagery provided a relative measure of abundance of different plankters.
Flow information may be restricted to situations in which animals shed more intense fluid disturbances, as when some plankters transiently achieve velocities of several hundred body lengths per second (Yen and Strickler, 1996), and reach a fluid regime that is transitional between laminar and turbulent flow.