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The measurement of surface areas and perimeters by tracing the boundaries. Planimetry on photomicrographs or projected images may be used to evaluate the size of cells.
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In comparison, for transparent film tracings using digital planimetry to calculate the area, the largest mean error for any one disc was 2.
Relationship of hormonal contraception and cervical ectopy as measured by computerized planimetry to chlamydial infection in adolescents.
The researchers, led by Dr David Hom from the University of Minnesota, wrote in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery: "Over a 42-day period, the autologous platelet gel-treated sites had statistically increased wound closure compared with controls by visual clinical assessment and by digital planimetry (boundary-tracing) photographic measurements.
Wounds were documented using digital photography and wound planimetry.
This data includes complete topography at 2 foot contour interval, a high resolution DTM, digital orthophotography at 1/2 foot pixel in ground units, hydrology, planimetry, utilities, and various project related features.
128[square root of (s)], where s is the core section area (it is determined by planimetry of area or some other method).
From Table 2 we can conclude the rms of the cartesian coordinates is an average at l mm level in planimetry and under 3 mm in altimetry.
Cerebral asymmetry: MR planimetry of the human planum temporale.
We used the point-counting method of planimetry (31) to estimate the volume density of particulate material in the lung sections and the volume percentage of the total particulate material in defined anatomic compartments of the lung.
HPLC profiles were corrected to 100% recovery, and the surface under each peak was evaluated by planimetry using the peak-fitting module of Origin 3.
It is in 1993 and with Caro diario, though, that Moretti closes his long discourse on autobiography and his personal investigation of the tormented planimetry of memory.