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The measurement of surface areas and perimeters by tracing the boundaries. Planimetry on photomicrographs or projected images may be used to evaluate the size of cells.
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Planimetry of the ceremonial site Sierra de Montecristo-1, which has structures of the type Walls and Boxes.
Calculating the size of the LVOT by means of planimetry using CT would increase the accuracy of AVA calculation.
Study of the Wound Healing Activity by Planimetry. The wound healing process was divided into three partially overlapping stages: inflammation, granulation, and maturation.
The procedural success of Percutaneous Mitral valve Commissurotomy (PTMC) was noted by measuring Mitral valve area through Planimetry Method by 2D Echocardiography in twenty four hours after PTMC.
Size of postinfarction scars of animal heart was estimated by the method of planimetry and calculated in percentages from area of free wall of left ventricle [21].
Having an original architectural shape, it fit, with regards to planimetry and general placements, in the series of churches like the Curtea de Arges Bishopry, the Bucharest Metropolitan Church, the Hurezi Monastery, being small, approximately 41 m long and 17 m wide.
Then the left and right thigh CSA was assessed by computerized planimetry (de Souza et al., 2012).
The use of Simpson's method in this way requires the input of biplane LA planimetry to derive the diameters.
Mitchell, "Measurement of optic nerve head parameters: comparison of optical coherence tomography with digital planimetry," Journal of Glaucoma, vol.
However, it does not cause a significant change in whole prostate volume measurements by MR planimetry. Furthermore, for therapy planning for prostate cancer and PSA determinations for BPH, the presence of an ERC does not significantly alter WP volumes, which indicates that the prostate is noncompressible in relation to the forces involved during ERC MRI.