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The measurement of surface areas and perimeters by tracing the boundaries. Planimetry on photomicrographs or projected images may be used to evaluate the size of cells.
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Tracing was performed with transparent plastic paper, and WSA was calculated by planimetry.
Valve planimetry was planned using transoesophageal echocardiography (TOE) to test the validity of the USCOM biometric assumptions.
From recommendations contained in the GIS Strategic Plan, Gwinnett County initially identified five datasets to be modeled and converted into the Enterprise Geo-database environment: Topography, Planimetry, Census, Aerial Photography, Political District, and Street Centerline.
All exhibited a hypersensitive chest pain response to esophageal balloon distention with impedance planimetry and had normal cardiac thallium scans, upper GI endoscopy, and esophageal manometry studies.
To determine cardiac chamber volume, track ball-assisted cursor planimetry of the endocardial borders is done; from this, the intrinsic software within the scanner calculates chamber volumes for each level.
The Award is in recognition of Crospon's successful implementation of the impedance planimetry technique for its EndoFLIP([R]) (endoscopic functional lumen imaging probe) imaging system.
In addition to transmitral gradient (MG) and the peak transmitral gradient (PG), mitral valve area (MVA) was calculated from the Doppler study (using the pressure half-time method) and also by planimetry of the mitral valve orifice in parasternal short-axis view.
LONDON, July 1 /PRNewswire/ -- The Frost & Sullivan "2009 European Gastroenterology Technology Implementation of the Year Award," is presented to Ireland-based Crospon for successfully using the impedance planimetry technique in its novel EndoFLIP(R) (endoluminal functional lumen imaging probe) imaging system.
The Purpose of this framework agreement is the realization of surveyor following benefits -The Surveying in planimetry and altimetry details-The Interior readings frames, premises, and building facades, execution profiles, conducting survey documents, conflicting boundary marking and quantity surveying alignment plans according to the law of no96-1107 18.
Our MATRIX clinical study, which included extensive photographic documentation, as well as computerized ulcer planimetry measurements on a weekly basis, represents one of the most extensively evaluated DNA-based wound healing therapeutics ever developed.
10), the following parameters of RV were quantified: the planimetry area of the QRS loop in the II, III and IV quadrants of the transverse plane and its right and anterior/frontal orientations.