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plagiarism (plā´jəriz´əm),

n an appropriation of the work, ideas, or words of another without proper acknowledgment.
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Explanations will vary, but should point out that plagiarizing a paper about plagiarism indicates that the student doesn't understand the seriousness of the problem.
If you discover another site plagiarizing yours, first collect all evidence to support your case.
Were the gospel writers guilty of pirating and plagiarizing their material?
The almost limitless sea of information on the Internet makes plagiarizing easier than ever.
Shozo Shimbo, the journalist who confessed to plagiarizing several parts of the book "Dr.
Ikea says that Beijing Guowang Information is plagiarizing and imitating its registered name since the sound, lettering, spelling and even consumer recognition of the word ikea in the domain name is the same as the one for Ikea stores.
Because the moon's hard light is bisected by radar, Because the souls of past racists are liberals, Because cancer is plagiarizing the hysteria of tuberculosis, Because madness is the narcotic of power, Because Black feet clap the broken streets of glass and oil, Because cars compete with coffins for what most of us will inherit, Because time and appetite eat my memory, Because children thigh into the future surrounded, indelible, Because this voice survives the metropolitan ironies, the blister of shopping malls, Because heroin supports the C.
By the middle of the decade, the ad industry had given up trying to refute Packard and was all but plagiarizing his books in a rush to establish that this whiskey, or that compact vehicle, or this rent-a-car agency was the thing that would finally deliver you from those awful waste-makers, those pyramid-climbers, those status-seekers.
This terrified, castrated parasite spent all day, every day, twelve hours a day, blackening the page, plagiarizing from himself, Corelli, Torelli, Scarlatti, anybody whose voice crossed the courtyards of the dead Medicis, sucking up to headmasters, would-be Popes, cocks of the walk.