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plagiarism (plā´jəriz´əm),

n an appropriation of the work, ideas, or words of another without proper acknowledgment.
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Addressing a workshop on plagiarism organized by Fatima Jinnah University, Rawalpindi, Professor Dr Zafar Iqbal said that plagiarism can be in several forms including copying someone else's words and presenting them as one's own credit or copying some one else's ideas and presenting them one's own wording without giving appropriate credit to the actual author.
Key factors leading to plagiarism are unawareness of citing ethics, inadequate writing skills and pressing deadlines to get published.
It reviewed assurances provided by the Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training on measures taken by the government to eradicate the menace of plagiarism.
ISLAMABAD -- A Senate committee was informed on Thursday that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) was not only imposing penalties on plagiarists but also taking action against those who filed false cases of plagiarism against academicians.
This is a clear case of plagiarism but we do not know why the HEC chairperson is not taking an action,' said a source, adding that he might be worried about the hype after the ED's removal.
USPRwire, Wed Jul 12 2017] Plagiarism is not good; it is like you are stealing someone's property.
There is a staggering upsurge in the incidence of plagiarism of scientific literature.
Because one of the most prone and wide open industries to plagiarism is none other than in the music industry.
Phil scholars' views regarding the role of plagiarism detecting software for improving the quality of research work.
The Trump campaign has denied that their speech writers lifted any passages directly from Obama's speech, claiming the similarities are a result of the widely held values and beliefs shared in the speech, but to many it was an obvious case of plagiarism.
By most indicators, plagiarism and other violations of academic integrity have become widespread in the university-teaching environment (Campbell, 2006; McCabe, 2005; Parker et al.
A Coventry University spokesman said: "Coventry University has stringent policies in place to discourage and prevent plagiarism of any kind amongst its student body, and fully supports movements towards ending the practice.