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plagiarism (plā´jəriz´əm),

n an appropriation of the work, ideas, or words of another without proper acknowledgment.
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As many as 27 submissions were found to have less than 25 per cent plagiarised content," said S.
They could see no problem with their requesting us to amend a D to a B - just like that with all the plagiarised stuff firmly intact.
New software being piloted at Liverpool University spells the end of plagiarised essays
The Evening Standard wrongly claimed in May this year that Figes' book 'Natasha's Dance: A Cultural History of Russia' had been ruled out of contention for the 2003 Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction because of suspicions that parts of the work had been plagiarised.
Peter Dunn, spokesman for the University of Warwick, said it would be apparent almost immediately if students had plagiarised work.
Pandey -- of the geology department jointly got their plagiarised article published in a Netherlands' journal in 2000, another professor, Surendra Singh Chauhan, in 2010 got the same article published in his name in a Delhi journal.
The dramatic news was reportedly widely around the world, but the scientific paper which made the assertion was withdrawn yesterday after it was revealed part of it had been plagiarised.
You'll Never Walk Alone and the Fields of Anfield Road, I was filled with indignation and felt it incumbent upon me to point out that these songs had been plagiarised for years by "reputable" stage and film companies.
Songwriter Seth Swirsky, who has 30 gold and platinum records and is married to the head of EMI Music Publishing, claims Thank God is plagiarised from a song called Just One of Those Love Songs, which he wrote with Warryn Campbell for the group Xscape.