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the way in which an animal places its feet when moving.

placing reflex
a postural reaction tested by supporting the animal and approaching a surface such as a table to see how the animal positions its feet; performed with and without a blindfold to test its tactile and visual responses.

Patient discussion about placing

Q. Uhmm..What is this place sposed to be used for??

A. hmm... like facebook about health? You can meet other people here, ask questions, chat or talk to them, while the emphasis is about health issues that iterest you. You can share your experience with others and learn from their experience.

Just try and see - it doesn't cost you anything...


Q. why do people like this place?

A. Right now you may not have any health problem,(im just guessing)because you are young but as you age al kinds of things happen to your health,most of them you could never guess. Here people can find answers to there health questions,make friends with people that have the same problems---mrfoot56

Q. How do i know if a diet is in place for me? and if it is in place, how would i know what diet do i need?

A. Well, are you on a diet? That is the answer to the first part. If not, then do you want to get on a diet?

If so, try consuming natural, unprocessed foods. Fruits, veggies, chicken, lean meats etc.

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