placental souffle

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a soft, blowing auscultatory sound.
cardiac souffle any heart murmur of a blowing quality.
funic souffle (funicular souffle) a hissing souffle synchronous with fetal heart sounds, probably from the umbilical cord.
placental souffle a souffle supposed to be produced by the blood current in the placenta; called also placental bruit.
uterine souffle a sound made by the blood within the arteries of the gravid uterus.

u·ter·ine souf·fle

a blowing sound, synchronous with the cardiac systole of the mother, heard on auscultation of the pregnant uterus.
Synonym(s): placental souffle

pla·cen·tal souf·fle

(plă-sen'tăl sū'fĕl)
A soft humming or blowing sound produced by fetal circulation at the placenta.
[Fr. souffle, puff]


Jean Alexandre le Jameau, Vicomte de, French obstetrician-gynecologist, 1788-1877.
Kergaradec sign - soft blowing sound synchronous with cardiac systole of mother, heard on auscultation of gravid uterus. Synonym(s): placental souffle; uterine souffle