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Relating to the placenta.

hydrops fetalis

Kernicterus, Rh incompatibility, Rh-induced hemolytic disease of newborn Obstetrics An accumulation of fluid in neonates, resulting in a 'puffy', plethoric or hydropic appearance that may be due to various etiologies Clinical Ascites, edema, ↓ protein or chronic intrauterine anemia, hepatosplenomegaly, cardiomegaly, extramedullary hematopoiesis, jaundice, pallor COD Heart failure. See Hemolytic disease of the newborn.
Hydrops Fetalis, causes
Immune Mother produces IgG antibodies against infant antigen(s), often an RBC antigen, most commonly, anti-RhD, which then passes into the fetal circulation, causing hemolysis
Non-immune Hydrops may result from various etiologies including
•  Fetal origin, eg congenital heart disease (premature foramen ovale closure, large AV septal defect), hematologic (erythroblastosis fetalis, α-thalassemia due to hemoglobin Barts, chronic fetomaternal or twin-twin transfusion), infection (CMV, herpesvirus, rubella, sepsis, toxoplasma), pulmonary (cystic adenomatoid malformation, diaphragmatic hernia, with pulmonary hypoplasia, lymphangiectasia), renal (vein thrombosis, congenital nephrosis) and teratomas, skeletal malformations (achondroplasia, osteogenesis imperfecta, fetal neuroblastomatosis, storage disease, meconium peritonitis, idiopathic)
•  Placental Chorangioma, umbilical or chorionic vein thrombosis
 Maternal DM, toxemia  


Relating to the placenta.
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In the present review, markers of maternal predisposition, placental implantation, vasomotor regulation and endothelial dysfunction are investigated as candidate markers in the early prediction of pre-eclampsia.
In addition, women who are undergoing planned delivery for placental implantation disorders should have blood in the operating room ready for transfusion when cesarean is performed.
Invasive placental implantation occurs when there is a defect or absence of the decidua basalis, which is replaced by loose connective tissue.
[7] ultrasonographic diagnosis of placental implantation: (1) loss/irregularity of the echolucent area between the uterus and placenta; (2) thinning or interruption of the hyperechoic interface between the uterine serosa and bladder wall; (3) presence of turbulent placental lacunae with high-velocity flow (>15 cm/s); (4) hypervascularity of the uterine serosa-bladder wall interface; and (5) irregular intraplacental vascularization characterized by tortuous confluent vessels across the placental width.
According to the guidelines, ultrasound is the most commonly used method for predicting placental implantation. When an ultrasound indicates that there is structural disorder of the placental site, diffuse or focal lacunar flow occurs in the placenta, the normal hypoechoic areas of the placenta are thinned or gone, or the perimetrium-bladder junction is rich in blood flow, the sensitivity of placental implantation is 83% (95% CI: 77%-88%), and the specificity is 95% (95% CI: 93%-96%).
In addition, according to the size and depth of the placental implantation, different treatment methods were used.
The result of this would be a progesterone concentration gradient in the myometrium with a peak at the placental implantation site, thereby suggesting that the location of the placenta has an impact on the duration of labour as well.
To determine the gestational age at the onset of labour in a primigravida with anterior or posterior placental implantation.
To determine the birth weight of the neonate in anterior and posterior placental implantation.
To determine the mode of delivery in anterior and posterior placental implantation.
We report a case of acquired uterine AV malformation at the placental implantation site in the lower uterine segment who presented to us with recurrent episodes of bleeding after 2nd trimester abortion.
DISCUSSION: The term Placenta Accreta is used to describe any placental implantation in which there is abnormally firm adherence to the uterine wall.