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Etymology: Fr, placer, to place
the positioning of a dental prosthesis, such as a removable denture in its planned site on the dental arch.


1. The positioning or implantation of a object, such as a catheter or stent, within or near a body part.
2. The assignment of a patient to a particular care facility, treatment program, or level of care.
3. The assignment of a student in a health profession to a specialized learning environment, such as a clinic, hospital, or ward, where he or she performs professional activities under supervision.


In dentistry, typically used to denote the insertion of a prosthesis.


n the act of placing an object (i.e., removable denture in its planned location on the dental arch).
placement, choice of path of,
n determination of the direction of placement and removal of a removable partial denture on its supporting oral structures, which can be varied by altering the plane to which the guiding abutment surfaces are made parallel. The choice is a compromise to best fulfill five demands: to subject abutment teeth to a minimum or no torquing force, to encounter the least interference, to provide needed retention, to establish adequate guiding-plane surfaces, and to provide acceptable aesthetics.
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Drainage that occurs within 2 weeks of tube placement is usually the result of either an infection that had already existed when the tube was placed or contamination of the external auditory canal during the operation.
Client-centered placement has some similarities with counselor-centered placement, such as the continued support of the individual and expertise in the employment process proffered by the counselor Yet, client-centered placement is depicted as a distinct philosophy that is based on a psycho-educational model of helping individuals discover their inner resources and their own abilities to obtain jobs (Salomone 1996).
Private placement wrappers are generally appropriate only for high-networth individuals and have minimum premiums of several million dollars.
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One key characteristic of the private placement market is that it is information intensive, meaning that lenders must on their own obtain information about borrowers through due diligence and loan monitoring.