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Etymology: Fr, placer, to place
the positioning of a dental prosthesis, such as a removable denture in its planned site on the dental arch.


1. The positioning or implantation of a object, such as a catheter or stent, within or near a body part.
2. The assignment of a patient to a particular care facility, treatment program, or level of care.
3. The assignment of a student in a health profession to a specialized learning environment, such as a clinic, hospital, or ward, where he or she performs professional activities under supervision.


In dentistry, typically used to denote the insertion of a prosthesis.


n the act of placing an object (i.e., removable denture in its planned location on the dental arch).
placement, choice of path of,
n determination of the direction of placement and removal of a removable partial denture on its supporting oral structures, which can be varied by altering the plane to which the guiding abutment surfaces are made parallel. The choice is a compromise to best fulfill five demands: to subject abutment teeth to a minimum or no torquing force, to encounter the least interference, to provide needed retention, to establish adequate guiding-plane surfaces, and to provide acceptable aesthetics.
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