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On the PM 4, PKV produces packaging papers with a wide range of basis weights from 120 to 280 grams per square meter.
The key items on PKV's agenda were increasing the total output by 15 percent, improving runability and reducing specific energy costs.
Other modules from the Voith OnCare product range like OnStrength or OnDewatering are used to monitor paper production at PKV. All modules and components are networked with one another.
As a result, PKV can further improve the strength and surface quality of its corrugated baseboard made from secondary and virgin fibers.
The EcoChange W reel changing system, which works with traversing high-pressure water jet nozzles, is another component which has enabled Voith to achieve PKV's specified goals like an increase in total output and improvement in the runability of the PM 4.
In this context, the Voith team was also able to contribute its expertise in detail engineering and is supporting PKV with the approval of the plant in accordance with the German Federal Immission Control Act.
aquaticum, were recorded for the respective fungi, during the 7 days of incubation on PKV agar.
Quantification of Solubilized Phosphate in PKV Broth
Further, the decreased pH of cultures filtrates and increased fungal mycelial weights in respect of days, clearly confirms the efficiency and ability of used fungi for phosphate solubilization in PKV broth.
freshwater fungi) that were isolated from a special niche (as root endophytes), might be with different physiology for their activities on used medium (PKV agar) and showed a varied solubilization index (SI).
aquaticum (C & D) during the phosphate solubilization on PKV agar
The PKV wheel-loader scale is certified for commercial weighing.