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Shah adds that some of the most common mistakes golfers make when pivoting is flattening their shoulders too much on the backswing; keeping the head too much over the ball; swaying hips; and doing a reverse pivot.
The Flex control shaver, available in three models (the 4510, 4525 and 4550), features a unique pivoting head which automatically adjusts to the contours of a man's face.
This patent discloses the pivoting motion the arm facilitates, referred to as the FREE-PIVOT(TM) feature, which helps to ensure patient safety.
a leading manufacturer of display monitors is announcing a special promotion on their pivoting 17-inch monitor, the MicroScan 17X.
Portrait Display Labs is the maker of the only line of full color pivoting monitors available for IBM compatible PC's running Microsoft Windows that is also compatible with Macintosh computers.