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One of the vehicles for this moralizing is the representation of the mysterious drug Pituri, which through a process of slippage in the film becomes entangled with the sub-plot that relates to opium dealing.
Pituri is an indigenous Australian plant which when prepared in particular ways creates a narcotic effect.
The film makes much of the dangers of Pituri use and Mara in one of his first scenes with Beatrice warns her about Pituri, "That very bad stuff.
Pituri and indigeneity are simultaneously aligned and condemned, the former as a drug that leads to sexually perverse behavior and the latter as a culture ruined by it.
From the outset, Pituri is represented in the film as a means through which Aborigines are made to appear more mysterious and more "primitive.
Watson P 1983, This precious foliage: a study of the Aboriginal psychoactive drug pituri, Oceania Monograph 26, University of Sydney.
During the 1870s, Bancroft analysed properties of the pituri narcotic used by inland Aboriginal groups, which was later discovered to contain nicotine alkaloids (Bancroft 1872; Hicks and Le Messurier 1935; Peterson 1977; Watson 1983; Webb 1948:8-9, 1973:293-4).
1872 The Pituri Poison, paper read before Queensland Philosophical Society, Queensland Government Printer, Brisbane.
Aboriginal people used the deserts for many thousands of years before the coming of the European, and their trade routes crossed the region, with Flinders Ranges ochre and Lake Eyre pituri being some of the goods traded over extremely long distances.
Pituri (Duboisia hopwoodii), of the family Solanaceae (which contains some of the most physiologically active plants), contains nicotine as a salt of organic acids, and in this form it does not pass readily through the mucus membrane into the body.