pituitary diverticulum

pi·tu·i·tar·y di·ver·tic·u·lum

a tubular outgrowth of ectoderm from the stomodeum of the embryo; it grows dorsad to the infundibular process of the diencephalon, around which it forms a cuplike mass, giving rise to the pars distalis and pars juxtaneuralis of the hypophysis.
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hy·po·phy·si·al di·ver·tic·u·lum

(hī'pō-fiz'ē-ăl dī'vĕr-tik'yū-lŭm)
An upgrowth from the ectodermal roof of the stomodeum of the embryo that is adjacent to the floor of the diencephalon; it forms the adenohypophysis (glandular segment of the pituitary gland).
Synonym(s): adenohypophysial pouch, pituitary diverticulum, Rathke pocket, Rathke pouch.
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Martin H., German anatomist, physiologist, and pathologist, 1793-1860.
Rathke bundles - muscular bundles on the lining walls of the ventricles of the heart. Synonym(s): trabeculae carneae
Rathke cleft cyst - an intrasellar or suprasellar cyst lined by cuboidal epithelium derived from remnants of Rathke pouch. Synonym(s): Rathke cyst
Rathke column
Rathke cyst - Synonym(s): Rathke cleft cyst
Rathke diverticulum - a tubular outgrowth of ectoderm from the stomodeum of the embryo. Synonym(s): pituitary diverticulum; Rathke pocket; Rathke pouch
Rathke duct
Rathke fold - two fetal folds of mesoderm.
Rathke pocket - Synonym(s): Rathke diverticulum
Rathke pouch - Synonym(s): Rathke diverticulum
Rathke pouch tumor - a suprasellar neoplasm, usually cystic, that develops from the nests of epithelium derived from Rathke pouch. Synonym(s): craniopharyngioma
Rathke punch
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