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A thick nasal secretion.
Synonym(s): glairy mucus
[L. phlegm or thick mucous secretion]
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The chapter tells the journey of the pituita Jonathan J.
Following the miracle, the Pituitas, conveniently, make Gimmasio the
Para quitar las jaquecas y los demas dolores de cabeza, y para expeler la pituita y provocar estornudos, el polvo de hule se espolvoreaba en la nariz.
nempe cholica, dolore articulorum, calculo, haemorrhoidibus, febri iasthmate, capitis dolore, pituita, sanguinis vomitatione, denique pediculi undique scantentibus exersus, infelicissime ac foedissime obiit.
is a common concourse and cavity of them both; and hath two passages; the one to receive Pituita [phlegm], the other extends itself to the fourth creek [ventricle, or the hinder part], in this they place Imagination.
Following the ideas of such natural philosophers as Democritus, Plato, and Aristotle, Ficino, warns intellectuals and men of letters against the dangers of two humors: phlegm and black bile, or pituita and melancholy.
329 |nisi cum pituita molesta': Horace, Episties, I.