Pitot tube

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Pi·tot tube

a stationary L-shaped tube inserted in a fluid stream, with its opening upstream, and used for measuring the velocity of fluid movement at that point in terms of the pressure developed in the tube by the fluid impinging on it, compared to a second tube opening laterally or downstream.


Henri, French engineer, 1695-1771.
Pitot tube - a stationary L-shaped tube inserted in a fluid stream and used for measuring the velocity of fluid movement.
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Since the accident, Air France has replaced the pitots on its Airbus fleet with a newer model.
Air France has taken several safety-related steps since the crash of AF447, including replacing two of three Thales pitot tubes on Airbus A330 and A340s.
On Tuesday, the airline assured its pilots that none of its A330s or A340s would fly without at least two of the new instruments, and that all Air France A330s and A340s will have all three Pitots replaced by July.
What we know is that other planes that have experienced incorrect airspeed indications have had the same Pitots.
The external instruments, known as Pitot tubes, have drawn attention in the investigation into the crash of Air France Flight AF 447.
Air France has already replaced the Pitots on another Airbus model, the 320, after its pilots reported similar problems with the instrument, according to an Air France air safety report filed by pilots in January and obtained by The Associated Press.
Failure of pitots led to a series of automation failures, disconnects, warnings and alarms for Flight 447.
D-B] represent the separation distance between the upstream Pitot tube static pressure ports and the entrance plane of the frame, and the exit plane of the frame and the downstream Pitot tube static pressure ports, respectively.