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Pi·tot tube

a stationary L-shaped tube inserted in a fluid stream, with its opening upstream, and used for measuring the velocity of fluid movement at that point in terms of the pressure developed in the tube by the fluid impinging on it, compared to a second tube opening laterally or downstream.


Henri, French engineer, 1695-1771.
Pitot tube - a stationary L-shaped tube inserted in a fluid stream and used for measuring the velocity of fluid movement.
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For instance, my Cessna encountered problems when the primary airspeed sensor, called a "pitot tube," froze in cold air.
Some years ago, the pitot tube got blocked in a well-known technologically advanced GA aircraft after takeoff.
After flying, some folks forget to turn off the pitot tube heater.
The coefficients 'a' and 'b' were determined by a least squares curve fit, based on Pitot tube pressure loss data obtained in the absence of the support frame.
This design is said to maintain a more constant flow co-efficient at high velocities, giving the pitot tubes a wide rangeability for measuring flows rates (turndown).
Air France has now replaced the monitors, called Pitot tubes, on all its Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft.
Attention is focusing on the possibility that faulty speed sensors, or pitot tubes, were a factor in the crash.
Without key information from the Airbus 330's missing data recorders, investigators have focused on the possibility that external speed monitors - Pitot tubes - iced over and gave false readings to the plane's computers as it flew into thunderstorms.
The pitot tubes on the aircraft supply information to the air data, to the computers, which give inputs about airspeed.
Investigators are looking at the possibility that external speed monitors - called Pitot tubes - iced over and gave dangerously false readings to cockpit computers in a thunderstorm.
A memo sent to pilots said Air France have been replacing the instruments - known as pitot tubes and responsible for feeding flying speed data to the aircraft's instruments and computers.
The DH3 offers simplified programming via a menu key that enables the user to select: security level; set point or set point and alarm operation; auto or manual alarm reset; English or Metric engineering units; pressure, velocity or flow operation, K-factor for use with various Pitot tubes and flow sensors, circular or rectangular duct size for volumetric flow operation plus many more.