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/pit·ta/ (pit´ah) [Sanskrit] in ayurveda, one of the three doshas, condensed from the elements fire and water. It is the principle of transformation energy and governs heat and metabolism in the body, is concerned with the digestive, enzymatic, and endocrine systems, and is eliminated from the body through sweat.


Ayurvedic medicine
The dosha that represents fire, a “transformative” force according to the ayurvedic construct of natural law. It is linked to digestive and metabolic activity, and control of body temperature; pitta energy flows at its peak in the summer.


In Ayurvedic medicine, the dosha made up of the elements of fire and water; responsible for metabolic processes, body temperature, digestion, and understanding, and it is associated with a pungent taste. People who have mainly a Pitta constitution often are uncomfortable with hot temperatures, have sharp and penetrating facial features, and a light body frame.

pitta (pit·tä),

n in Ayurveda, one of the three organizing principles (doshas) responsible for maintaining homeostasis. Formed by a combination of fire and water, pitta is involved in metabolic activities of digestion and biochemical reactions. See also doshas.
pitta sama (sä·m pit·t),
n in Ayurveda, ama in combination with a pitta imbalance, manifesting as a yellow tongue, loss of thirst, and anorexia. Remedied with bitter and some pungent herbs. See also ama and pitta.
pitta, alochaka (ä·lō·chäˑ·k pitˑ·t),
n in Ayurveda, a subdivision of the pitta dosha whose influence is evident in the eyes. It promotes healthy vision; when unbalanced, bloodshot eyes and problems with vision may result. See also doshas.
pitta, bhrajaka (bhrˑ·j·k pitˑ·t),
n in Ayurveda, a subdivision of the pitta dosha the influence of which is evident in the integument. It promotes healthy skin, and imbalance may result in skin conditions such as acne and rashes. See also doshas.
Enlarge picture
Pitta, bhrajaka.
pitta, pachaka (päˑ·ch·k),
n in Ayurveda, a subdivision of the pitta dosha the influence of which is evident in the stomach and small intestine. It promotes healthy digestion and elimination of ama; when unbalanced, it results in gastric conditions such as heartburn or ulcers. See also doshas.
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Pitta, pachaka.
pitta, ranjaka (rnˑ·j·k),
n in Ayurveda, a subdivision of the pitta dosha the influence of which is evident in the liver, spleen, and erythrocytes. It promotes red blood cell formation and balances blood chemistry; and when unbalanced, blood disorders, liver conditions, and anger-management problems result. See also doshas.
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Pitta, ranjaka.
pitta, sadhaka (säˑ·dh·k),
n in Ayurveda, a subdivision of the pitta dosha the influence of which is evident in the heart. It promotes emotions and memory; when unbalanced, cardiac disease, memory loss, and depression may result. See also doshas.
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Pitta, sadhaka.
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