pisiform bone

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pis·i·form bone

(pis'i-fōrm bōn)
A small bone resembling a pea in size and shape, in the proximal row of the carpus, lying on the anterior surface of the triquetral, with which it articulates; it gives insertion to the tendon of the flexor carpi ulnaris muscle.
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Special radiographic projections such as carpal tunnel, scaphoid or supinated oblique view are indicated if routine AP and lateral views fail to demonstrate a fracture (5).MRI is reported to be a second-step imaging method in patients whose radiographs are negative or indistinct (6).MRI not only shows the fracture line but also shows marrow edema within the pisiform bone indicating fracture (5,6).
Close to styloid process, the branch contours the hand dorsal side and goes to the ventral side, passing through medial and distal border of pisiform bone. It continues by crossing deep at the pisohamate ligament and communicating with the ulnar nerve, near to ulnar canal (Fig.
The prevalence of FDS and FDP muscle bellies during the full range of motion of the fingers was determined at the entrance of the carpal tunnel (line between the scaphoid tubercle and pisiform bone) (Figures 2(a) and 2(b)).
The technique of this protocol was as follows: (1) the transducer was positioned perpendicular to the MN, with no pressure on the skin to avoid deformation of the nerve; (2) axial images were obtained at the level of the pisiform bone, and the image with the optimal definition of the borders of the MN was selected; and (3) MN CSA measurements were performed from the inner border of the perineural echogenic rim, corresponding to the perineurium around the hypoechoic MN.
(For those anatomy junkies out there, I'm talking about the pisiform bone.)
The long axis (transverse diameter) and the short axis (anteroposterior diameter) of the median nerve, were evaluated on axial (transverse) plan evaluated on milimetric measurement of proximal (distal radioulnar joint level, RU), medium (pisiform bone level, P) and distal (level of the hamate hook, H) parts of the carpal tunnel and the flattening ratio was established for each plane (by dividing long axis with short axis).
Although issuing a slightly more positive report yesterday morning than she had in the immediate aftermath of Saturday's run, Sams said: "He's really quite sore on his pisiform bone and, while I don't think the tendon has come away and taken a chip off, we'll have to get it x-rayed.
Our method of carpal tunnel injection is as follows: following appropriate preparation of skin, the pisiform bone is palpated.
At the Wrist: The SUA passed superficial to the flexor retinaculam just lateral to the pisiform bone.