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An agent that stimulates dopamine receptors in the brain and also exerts a peripheral vasodilator effect.
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Unfortunately, some pharmacological treatments such as Olanzapine for the treatment of psychosis cause secondary side effects such as severe drowsiness (1), and furthermore, other PD drugs such as Piribedil, Pramipexole, and Ropiniole only modestly or negligibly improve motor impairments (13).
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Persons who used only piribedil, amantadine, or anticholinergic agents (i.e., drugs rarely used for PD) were first contacted by mail; they were asked why these drugs had been prescribed, and those who answered PD/parkinsonism or did not know were invited to be examined by a neurologist.
Medications were converted into an equivalent dose of immediate-release levodopa (Madopar, Roche, Basel, Switzerland), according to the following formula: 100 mg immediate-release levodopa = 133 mg controlled-release levodopa = 1 mg pramipexole = 100 mg piribedil = 10 mg selegiline; each dose of levodopa was 25% more effective with entacapone.
Eighteen patients (in stage 2.5-4) were treated with Levodopa in combination with another symptomatic treatment (dopamine agonists, MAO--B inhibitors, COMT inhibitors and piribedil).
Bismuth(III)-iodide compounds have been used as reagents for determination of some nitrogenous drugs such as amineptine hydrochloride, piribedil, and trimebutine maleate [28].
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