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Suffering a sudden attack or convulsion, such as an epileptic seizure.


Technique and art of selecting and adjusting spectacles or contact lenses following a visual examination. See optical dispensing.


preparation of animals for special occasions of stress, e.g. parturition, exhibition at fairs and shows. Includes additional feed, exercise, grooming, handling.

Patient discussion about fitting

Q. I mean what this fitness is all about….. I know nutritious diet is important for good health but why is the need for fitness …..I mean what this fitness is all about…..

A. Fitness can help you live longer and has been proven to help the body, muscles, bones not age as much as if you were inactive...

Q. What does the concept of fitness stands for?

A. Dagmar said it well.

Q. what does fitness include?

A. The term 'fitness' refers to general fitness (a state of health and well-being) and specific fitness (the ability to perform specific aspects of sports or occupations).Physical fitness is the functioning of the heart, blood vessels, lungs, and muscles to function at optimum efficiency, therefore, it is now defined as the body’s ability to function efficiently.

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The global industrial valves and pipe fittings market is valued at about $50 billion.
Technology and Craft Development Trend of China's Pipe Fitting Industry
In addition to new pipe fittings, Bradford is a leading U.
Anvil's grooved, cast and forged pipe fittings, struts, valves, and other metal connecting parts are produced at seven manufacturing plants located in Pennsylvania, Texas, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Alabama.
Total amount of MSA contracts for supply of pipe fittings for this project is close to 3.
Stocked tube and pipe fittings include fully traceable ASME BPE, Clamp, RJT, DIN, IDF, SMS, BSP unions, bends, tees, Y pieces, concentric and eccentric reducers, hosetails, equal cross pieces, seals and 316L stainless steel hygienic tube to ASTM 270.
Kamweld's plastic pipe fittings and other plastic pipe products are available at http://www.
Currently, AB&I is using it in production of soil pipe fittings, brake drums and weights.
The new center evaluate materials such as Noryl PPE and Ultem PEI resins and LNP Verton long-glass compounds and Lubricomp lubricated compounds in applications such as water pumps, pipe fittings, water meters, reverse-osmosis vessels, and sanitary faucets.
Code 61 and Code 62 4-bolt, Split Flange Type, Modular Connectors are used in integrated hydraulic systems in place of welded and threaded pipe fittings.
THE EUROPEAN Union (EU) has corrected its anti-dumping duty on malleable cast iron tube or pipe fittings from Brazil, reducing the rate from 34.