pipe cleaner

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pipe cleaner,

n a small, brushlike device used to clean the spaces between the teeth (used also for other purposes). It should not be inserted all the way between the teeth, but rather just far enough to massage the tissue and remove any plaque.
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The cup had bubble wrap on the bottom and pipe cleaners on top supporting a paper parachute.
Have a buddy hold down the slip ring with both hands while you work out any sand or dirt with a dry pipe cleaner or toothbrush.
Attach a bell to each of the holes in the tambourine, threading the pipe cleaner or twist tie through the hole castle from we find' and twisting both ends together to secure it in place.
The entire pipe cleaner model (containing both pencil binding and handle domains) can be considered analogous to a tertiary structure.
Bend the ends of the pipe cleaner around 2 metal washers on each end.
Make a curly "vine" for the top of the jack-o-lantern by twisting the pipe cleaner ends around a pencil.
Holding the center of the pipe cleaner, fold back the corn husks at one end and bring them toward the center, spreading them to fully cover the pipe cleaner to form a puffy sleeve arm and tie a knot where they come together near the center.
She said: "We immediately anaesthetised Kitty and removed the green pipe cleaner from her throat.
Cut a 5-inch section of pipe cleaner, and bend in half.
You'll need a few things for this job: two adjustable wrenches, masking tape, soap, vinegar, a bottle brush, pipe cleaners (or a needle) and plumber's tape or petroleum jelly.
You could wrap a pipe cleaner around it and tape the end of it to the (deck) to make it stronger," she suggested.
Make a small hole in the center of the flower and insert a pipe cleaner.