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A member of the suborder Pinnipedia, aquatic carnivorous mammals with all four limbs modified into flippers (for example, seal, walrus).
[L. pinna, feather (wing), + pes (ped-), foot]
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Eulachon are both commercially and recreationally harvested during the winter spawn and pinniped consumption was estimated as 26% of the commercial catch (NMFS, 1997a).
It provides a short introduction to the natural history of the northern fur seal and of pinnipeds in general.
However, the overall positive impact indicated on the PCL-5 suggests not only that Project Seal to Heal was clinically significant in the reduction of symptoms for the veteran participant but also that pinniped (seal) facilitated human-animal interaction programs merit further investigation by and within the therapeutic community.
Together with the cetaceous remains there was a partially articulated rib cage of a large pinniped, probably an Otariidae.
Pinniped phylogeny and a new hypothesis for their origin and dispersal.
First report of parasites from pinnipeds in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, with a description of a new species of Philophthalmus (Digenea: Philophthalmidae).
The pinnipeds' presence far from their usual breeding areas is often the result of erratic movements.
To address these negative impacts, in 2000 the governors of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington made recommendations for the protection and restoration of fish in the Columbia River Basin, which included "recommend[ing] congressional approval of NMFS's proposal to acquire additional authority to take seals and sea lions that persistently impact listed salmonid species." (82) Six years later, the states requested Section 120 pinniped removal authority "for the intentional lethal removal of California sea lions ...
1990)), loss of nesting habitat to erosion and trampling by pinnipeds, and human disturbance (Lewis and Tyler 1987, PRBO unpublished data).
All seals and walruses are classified as pinnipeds, which means "wing or fin-footed," yet true seals differ from their more well-known cousins.