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A member of the suborder Pinnipedia, aquatic carnivorous mammals with all four limbs modified into flippers (for example, seal, walrus).
[L. pinna, feather (wing), + pes (ped-), foot]


member of the mammal family of Pinnipedia, including seals, sealions, walruses. Their bodies are fishlike, covered with hair, have four limbs and can move around on land. Their tails are vestigial.

pinniped stranding
the largely unexplained migrational phenomenon of cetaceans and pinnipeds in which the animals swim into shallow water and up onto land from where they are unable or unwilling to depart. Single strandings may be due to disease. Multiple strandings may similarly result from illness in the leader of the pod. They are also known to occur in specific locations where the local land appears to confuse the whales' direction-finding ability.
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In a number of instances, Lamont praised what he considered as the intelligence of the pinnipeds.
82) Six years later, the states requested Section 120 pinniped removal authority "for the intentional lethal removal of California sea lions .
Now, however, with possibly one exception, none of our Pinnipeds is better known.
As is often the case elsewhere, these findings indicate that pinnipeds from the South Hemisphere are conducting long movements not only to the south, but farther north and observed in geographical location far away of their home ranges, above of the equatorial line, as further corroborated here for A.
Pinnipeds are particularly interesting animal models because both influenza A and B virus infections have been identified in wild populations.
Research report on pinniped investigations on ice in the southwest part of the Sea of Okhotsk and a Steller sea lion survey in Iony and Yamsky Islands (first cruise of the S/ V Nazhim in summer, 1932) [Otchet ob izuchenii lastonogikh vo l'dakh yugo-zapadnoy chasti Okhotskogo morya i sivucha na o.
Pup mortality is often estimated by counting the number of dead pups seen in a pinniped colony (e.
Little information is available on the anatomy of the pinniped forelimb.
Unlike any other pinniped, the sea lion had a 17-18 month breeding cycle which didn't align with seasonal conditions, and didn't follow any temporal pattern across the species' range.
The most diverse pinniped family is the Phocidae or true seals with 18 species.