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Q. How to treat a pink eye? I have pink eye in my left eye. It's very uncomfortable, how can I treat it?

A. Here is a link to a website which describes a home treatment for pink eye:

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The nurse and I managed to chase them away, but not before they had trampled down a border of pinks and lilies in the cruellest way, and made great holes in a bed of China roses, and even begun to nibble at a Jackmanni clematis that I am trying to persuade to climb up a tree trunk.
Then pinks and gilliflowers, especially the matted pink and clove gilliflower.
Miss Pink now stood revealed as a retired schoolmistress, and Mr.
She was looking very pretty herself on this particular night in a dress of the lovely wild-rose pink, from which Anne was forever debarred; but she was not to take any part in the concert, so her appearance was of minor importance.
She not only remembered what she had then said- that he turned to look at her and smiled and was covered with something red- but was firmly convinced that she had then seen and said that he was covered with a pink quilt and that his eyes were closed.
I never put it up when the sun shines; pink fades awfully, you know, and I only carry it to meetin' cloudy Sundays; sometimes the sun comes out all of a sudden, and I have a dreadful time covering it up; it's the dearest thing in life to me, but it's an awful care.
The tea-cups were white with a pattern of pink roses; and the dinner-plates were white and blue.
The little pink sloth-creature stood in the aperture of the hut, and something else with a drab face and bright eyes came staring over its shoulder.
Then, other days, I think pink and blue and gold and purple and rainbow thoughts all the time.
You will always be the same size--and the same saucy, inconsiderate Glass Cat, with pink brains and a hard ruby heart.
Her dress was not uncomfortable anywhere; her lace berthe did not droop anywhere; her rosettes were not crushed nor torn off; her pink slippers with high, hollowed-out heels did not pinch, but gladdened her feet; and the thick rolls of fair chignon kept up on her head as if they were her own hair.
Her eyes were wonderfully soft, the pink upon her cheeks was the blush of a girl.