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n. pl. pink·ies Informal
The little finger.
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Q. I broke my pinkie finger a year ago. It is locked in a curved position. How can I straiten it out?

A. i would let a certified orthopedic look at the finger. treatment is according to the severity of the case. i think Terrany method is about finger physiotherapy. i'm not sure this method is to reshape uneven bone healing. this is a bit different situation, bone can be reshaped, this is how an orthodontic can move teeth- by changing the bone. but it takes a few years. i would go to an orthopedic, i advise you to do the same.

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Once again he opted to pole-fish squatt and pinkie over groundbait to return 7-5-0 of skimmers at peg nine.
Vocal performances are energetic, led by Libman's Pinkie Pie.
His doctors, however, have warned Pinkie that he must continue with his monthly chemotherapy sessions to prevent the cancer from recurring.
According to a report by the ( Australian Broadcasting Corporation , former members of the Yakuza have struggled to find regular jobs after leaving the gang because the a missing pinkie scares off potential employers.
"We'd like to thank Pinkie Pie for his hard work," Evans wrote on The Chromium Blog.
"I love you, Pinkie. I would do anything for you," she writes to him one day on a postcard--to his disguised disgust.
Despite her suspicions of his crimes, Rose is too in love with Pinkie to give him up to the authorities, but does he trust her enough to let her live?
The gang leaves Pinkie the task of retrieving the photo slip from Rose, a religious, naive, young waitress with idealistic views of life, love and devotion.
Riley is partnered on screen by fellow rising British star Andrea Riseborough as Pinkie's love interest Rose, while Helen Mirren, Andy Serkis and John Hurt provide strong support.
Riley, who got everyone's attention playing Ian Curtis in the Joy Division biopic Control, takes on Richard Attenborough's role as Pinkie Brown, a Brighton villain who has committed a murder.
As a result, Greene offers a level of terror in Pinkie's and Scobie's confused understanding of death and salvation in Brighton Rock and The Heart of the Matter that brings us to the heart of the human experience of despair that doctrine fails to address.