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n. pl. pink·ies Informal
The little finger.

Patient discussion about pinkie

Q. I broke my pinkie finger a year ago. It is locked in a curved position. How can I straiten it out?

A. i would let a certified orthopedic look at the finger. treatment is according to the severity of the case. i think Terrany method is about finger physiotherapy. i'm not sure this method is to reshape uneven bone healing. this is a bit different situation, bone can be reshaped, this is how an orthodontic can move teeth- by changing the bone. but it takes a few years. i would go to an orthopedic, i advise you to do the same.

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Another straightened out gangster, who goes by the alias "Tanaka," has three fingers missing because of his involvement with the gang, both pinkies and his left ring finger.
In his efforts to keep Rose quiet, Pinkie is soon negotiating with her father, a despicable man, to marry her.
Rose's boss, Ida (Helen Mirren), sees Pinkie as the dangerous character he is and enlists the help of an old friend Phil Corkery (John Hurt) to try and intervene between the fated lovers.
ADAPTATION Brighton Rock stars Sam Riley as Pinkie Brown
Reducing Pinkie's theological pretensions so that we can see his behavior in the light of day, Ida succeeds in denying Pinkie his potentially heroic role as a misunderstood rebel, a Miltonic sort of Satan.
Bryant was found to have a complete tear of the radial collateral ligament, an avulsion fracture and a volar plate injury at the pinkie joint.
Things did not go quite so well for Miss Pinkie as a three-year-old, but she won twice, including the Virginia Stakes at Newcastle, and was placed in the Ribblesdale, the Sun Chariot and the Fred Darling before retiring to stud.
CARR MILL DAM, St Helens: Skimmers bream can be had on groundbait feeder, red pinkies and maggots from the bottom bank, steep drop and sunshine pegs.
The couple met Natasha, of Woodloes Park, Warwick, for the first time when she was presented with her rocking horse, which she has, appropriately, named Pinkie.
Pinkie Swear Nail Blush in Creamsicle, $8, pinkieswear.
Yeah, go ahead, keep talkin' shit, but let's see who's crying when Cohn Fiske eats all your Cocoa Puffs or Dave Vey pops a pogo onto your pinkie toe.
In a study presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, 30 young adults spent 15 minutes daily over 12 weeks imagining using one of two muscles: the abductor digiti minimi in their pinkie fingers, or the elbow flexor muscle.