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inflammation of the conjunctiva; it may be caused by bacteria or a virus, or by allergic, chemical, or physical factors. Its infectious form (of bacterial or viral origin) is highly contagious. See also pinkeye.
acute contagious conjunctivitis a contagious inflammation of the conjunctiva caused by Haemophilus aegypticus; secretions must be handled with extreme care to prevent its spread. Popularly known as pinkeye.
acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis a highly contagious form due to infection with enteroviruses.
gonococcal conjunctivitis (gonorrheal conjunctivitis) a severe form caused by infection with gonococci, marked by greatly swollen conjunctivae and eyelids with a profuse purulent discharge. In newborns it is bilateral, acquired from an infected maternal vaginal passage. In adults it is usually unilateral and is acquired by autoinoculation into the eye of other gonococcal infections, such as urethritis, either in oneself or in another person. Called also gonorrheal ophthalmia.
inclusion conjunctivitis a type of conjunctivitis primarily affecting newborn infants, caused by a strain of Chlamydia trachomatis, beginning as an acute purulent form and leading to papillary hypertrophy of the palpebral conjunctiva.
neonatal conjunctivitis ophthalmia neonatorum.
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a·cute con·ta·gious con·junc·ti·vi·tis

an obsolete term for an acute conjunctivitis marked by intense hyperemia and profuse mucopurulent discharge.
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An acute, very contagious form of conjunctivitis, caused by the hemophilic bacterium Hemophilus aegyptius and marked by thick secretions.
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Veterinary medicine
A highly contagious pinkeye-like keratoconjunctivitis that affects cattle, caused by Moraxella bovis, an obligate intracellular, gram-negative aerobic bacillus, which is spread by direct contact or via the common fly.
Clinical findings
Purulent conjunctivitis, oedema, corneal opacity and ulceration, loss of appetite, weight loss.
Long-acting antibiotics—e.g., tetracycline.
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Conjunctivitis Ophthalmology Acute contagious conjunctivitis by Haemophilus aegyptius or H ducreyi; 'pinkeye' has been obfuscated by the lay public, which may use the term for any condition in which the eyes are pink–eg, bilateral bacterial or viral conjunctivitis, 'misuse' of eyes–ie, prolonged exposure to smoky rooms, alcoholism, dissipated lifestyle, severe iritis, closed angle glaucoma, etc. See Red eye.
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3. In horses, a form of equine viral arteritis.
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His initial study focused only on pinkeye because it's easy to see and measure in cattle, he says.
Pinkeye infections are very contagious, meaning they are easy to catch.
To keep pinkeye from spreading to others, people with bacterial or viral pinkeye need to stay home until there is no longer a discharge coming from the eyes or after 24 hours of antibiotic therapy.
Brian Wakeling, big game supervisor for the ARIZONA Game and Fish Department, says a rancher released some goats in the Silverbell Mountain range in order to control weeds and ended up infecting a local herd of desert bighorns with pinkeye.
If you don't ride, some cattle will go blind with pinkeye or otherwise be fouled." (24) Jo Jeffers also describes this sense of women's never-ending string of obligations when she explains that a ranchwoman "may put on a pair of Levis, go with her husband to doctor a sick cow, repair a windmill, mend a fence, put out feed or chop ice.
The baby has pinkeye and won't sleep for more than three hours at a throw.
The patient stated she did not use contact lenses or have any eye trauma, itching, photophobia, loss or change of vision, eye pain, eye discharge, or previous episodes of pinkeye. She had no other medical problems or history of allergies.
But in this case, what the man has is not pinkeye, but a scheme.
Pinkeye, or conjunctivitis (kun-junk-tiVY-tis), can be caused by bacteria or a virus.
Conjunctivitis, or pinkeye, is an infection characterized by white or yellowish discharge from the eye and redness, burning, or itching.
They came to the school to learn to read braille and make chairs, shelves and brooms, says Fountain, who lost his sight as an infant, after a midwife treated him for pinkeye. Some of the other members were born blind.
Based on viral duration records that I have kept for 15 years, bad coughs last 15 weeks or more; bad flu can take a good month to resolve; severe pneumonia can take 2-3 months; pinkeye takes 1-2 weeks; sinusitis often takes 4 weeks, and, older people tend to heal slower in general.