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A woman in Coventry rang to say she was scared to approach a lizard in her house that turned out to be a stripy pink sock.
I noticed she only had one shoe on, her other foot wriggling happily in its pink sock, and I asked the mother if the shoe was lost, perhaps I could help hunt for it among the pews, but she said o no, she just likes to wear the one shoe, and who am I to say no to that?
Elsewhere in the installation, miniature terry-cloth lovers embrace, in Couple, 2001, and anatomically correct pink sock dolls are erotically entangled, in Seven in a Bed, 2001: All the figures also imprisoned in glass vitrines.
he croaked as he pulled the fourth pink sock onto Percival's paw.
Nor players sporting one black sock, and one Barbie pink sock.
But for a pair of flamingo chicks, a pink sock puppet used to feed them has left them "terrified", according to keepers at London Zoo.
AFTER a concerted campaign to replace the ridiculous pink sock with a more natural-looking lure before the Derby at Wimbledon (so it looks like a skunk, but hey, it's a step in the right direction), I note that there are now similar rumblings of discontent down Sittingbourne way.
Clothing was also found scattered in the vicinity of the bones, including a pink sock, a size-six runner and a fragment of black tracksuit bottom.
The slacks are pretty gosh-darn tight, keying into the current fashion for junk-flashing legwear, and the turn ups, which aside from compensating for my stumpy legs, let me show off a cheeky wink of pastel pink sock.
Little and Large are "terrified" of the pink sock puppet used to feed them.
YOUNG footballers have added pink socks to their kits to raise awareness of a cancer charity's campaign.