Pink Slip

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A popular term for a note from an employer to an employee, indicating that the latter has been terminated
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He asked the Treasury for 100,000 copies of the pink slip (at the Sentinels' expense).
To apply for a Pink Slip Loan, also known as a Car Title Loan or an Auto Title Loan, customers can call any time of the day or night 877-846-2624 or apply online at www.
To see more of Bob's editorial cartoons and other work, visit Pink Slip Comics.
The Fast and the Furious: Pink Slip is sure to attract even more users to the best mobile driving experience available.
Some of BIGfrontier's more iconoclastic events have included one of the country's first Pink Slip Parties (2002), Big Bang Bash (2001) and the Entrepreneur's Extravaganza (2002), each featuring a panel of regional and nationally acclaimed thought leaders addressing the night's topic.
One employee not getting a pink slip from the venerable retailing name is contractor and TV personality Ty Pennington, who, it was announced today, will be launching a line of home products in the store.
Racers can battle head to head via split-screen, System Link, or even take it online with Xbox Live(TM) and risk the pink slip to their car for the chance to win their rivals' cars permanently
When word leaked Bosley was soon to go, he challenged the A's to fire him if they weren't happy; a day later, he reiterated that the comments weren't an attempt to get a pink slip.
Supporting Pink Slips at The Dragonffli in Pontypool.
SUZUKI Motor Corp chairman and chief executive officer ( CEO) Osamu Suzuki has assured Haryana chief minister ( CM) Bhupinder Singh Hooda that the company would not issue any more pink slips to workers of the Manesar plant of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd ( MSIL) but at the same time ruled out reinstating the 500 sacked employees following the violence at the facility on July 18.
This year, 26,000 pink slips were issued--last year there were 26,500 pink slips issued by the March deadline.