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camera, pinhole 

A camera in which the lens is replaced by a pinhole (e.g. the camera obscura).
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To this end, we deliberately wanted to slow down our participants' creations of visuals by encouraging them to process and create meaning of their experiences through pinhole photography; we hoped the pinhole camera would offer them a "new lens" through which to view and experience the world.
Lena Kozik, eight, left and Aleena Hussain, eight, watching the eclipse at Coundon |Primary School through a paper plate pinhole camera
In Bristol, Greg Robertson, 19, and Sam Firminger, 20, stood by the Clifton Observatory with a home-made cardboard pinhole camera and champagne.
Meanwhile, scores of schools ditched the classroom for the playground and armed pupils with special glasses, pinhole cameras and even colanders to safely watch the event unfold.
The creative project saw pupils attending a series of photography workshops, where they learned how to capture dramatic images using homemade pinhole cameras, which they made from recycled drinks cans.
He describes optics, how a lens captures light, lens mechanisms, choosing the right lens for a project or by focal length, accessories, buying lenses, advanced topics like distortion and infrared photography, and options beyond the standard lens, including pinhole cameras and homemade lenses.
Shamma explains that, because pinhole cameras don't have viewfinders or lenses, using them makes for a trial and error style, until one becomes accustomed to using them.
The photographer works with traditional photographic techniques, using 6 x 6 analogue and pinhole cameras.
Walker obtained information by photocopying documents and taking pictures with a microcamera; currently, devices such as pinhole cameras, spy cameras, and other high-tech equipment are generally available to the public.
These and other basic household items can all be transformed into pinhole cameras, and this book offers easy step-by-step instructions and how-to photos to display images taken with such cameras, and how to build one.
So I took one of my 110 cartridge pinhole cameras, which was designed to be thrown off a building or attached to a shuttle cock and put it in my mouth.